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Build a Bug Hotel

Monday 11 November 2019

Would you like to make a Bug Hotel? Come along and build your own.

Bug Hotel

There is a £10 cost for non-members (includes the Hotel and materials) although it would be lovely to have a large selection if you have anything in your garden such as: dried grass, straw, bark, twigs, broken slate, pieces of wood (drilled with holes), canes or cones of any sort. Ensure canes and wood are cut to no more than 5 inches in length .

Hotels need to be ordered in advance so numbers with full payment to Angela by Friday 25 October.

Venue: South Marston Village Hall        Time: 7:30pm to 9:30pm.

Parking: Old Vicarage Lane, next to the school.

Cost: £3 entry fee on the door as a visitor or £12 for annual membership.
Pop along and chat with members and enjoy homemade cake and a cuppa along with an optional raffle. A warm friendly welcome awaits you.
More information: visit the website:, find us on Facebook, contact Mike on 827807, 07999914751 or Angela on 07789068340.

Luscious Lawns – Monday 7 October 2019

Lawn Care for Perfect Lawns by Geoff Hodge

British lawns are renowned across the globe as being the best of the best. Or are they? Some are in desperate need of some timely TLC, especially after recent adverse weather patterns and years of use and abuse.
So, if your lawn isn’t the green, green grass at home that Tom Jones would be proud of, Geoff Hodge shows you how to ensure it stays luscious, thick and green.

Good enough to make your neighbours green with envy.

Venue: South Marston Village Hall

Time: 7:30pm to 9:30pm.

Parking: Old Vicarage Lane, next to the school.

Cost: £3 entry fee on the door as a visitor or £12 for annual membership.

Pop along and chat with members and enjoy homemade cake and a cuppa along with an optional raffle.  A warm friendly welcome awaits you.

Annual Flower and Produce Show

Don’t forget this Saturday is the Village Annual Flower and Produce Show.

By now, you should have received the Schedule through your letterbox or via email.

There are over 60 classes and something for everyone.

Held in the Village Hall

Saturday 17 August 2019 (Timings below)

Friday 16 August 7pm to 8:30pm – Register your Exhibits at the Village Hall

Timings for Saturday are as follows:

Saturday 17 August

10am to 12:30pm – Staging of Exhibits

1pm to 4pm – Judging takes place

5pm – Doors open to the public – Admission at door 20p (per adult)

Refreshments and Raffle available

5:30pm – Presentation of Show Winners followed by Auction of Produce (the Committee will be grateful for any exhibit left for sale) and Raffle Prize Draw.

List of Classes

  1. 3 Potatoes (white or coloured)
  2. 5 French Beans
  3. 5 Pods of Peas
  4. 5 Runner Beans
  5. 5 Broad Beans
  6. 3 Onions – under ½ lb in weight
  7. 3 Onions – over ½ lb in weight
  8. 3 Beetroot
  9. 1 Courgette
  10. 3 Carrots
  11. 2 Cabbages
  12. 6 Pickling Shallots (under 30mm in diameter)
  13. 6 Large Shallots (over 30mm in diameter)
  14. 1 Cucumber
  15. 3 Tomatoes
  16. Truss of Tomatoes
  17. Collection of any 5 Vegetables (one of each of any 5 different kinds in a seed tray not exceeding 18” x 12”)
  18. Collection of Fresh Herbs
  19. Longest Runner Bean
  20. Heaviest Onion
  21. Heaviest Potato
  22. Any other Vegetable not on schedule
  23. Ugly or Misshapen Vegetable (Please give your vegetable a “name”)
  24. Bowl of Home Grown Fruit (5 of same kind)
  25. Standard Fuchsia
  26. Hanging Basket, Container, Pot or Tub
  27. 1 Single Rose
  28. 3 Roses
  29. 5 Asters (single or double)
  30. 3 Decorative Dahlias
  31. 3 Cactus Dahlias
  32. 3 x Pompom Dahlias
  33. 1 Specimen Dahlia (large)
  34. 5 Pansies
  35. 5 Stalks of Sweet Peas
  36. 1 Specimen spike of Gladiolus
  37. 3 Vases of Flowers (a different variety in each vase – no extra foliage)
  38. Flowering Pot Plant (Geranium, Fuchsia, Orchid etc.)
  39. Foliage Pot Plant (Succulent, Cactus etc.)
  40. Square Floral Carpet (not exceeding 6” x 6”)
  41. Miniature Flower Arrangement (under 4” x 4”)
  42. Arrangement in a Basket (not to exceed 15” overall)
  43. Photograph “Spider’s Cobweb”
  44. Photograph “Church Window”
  45. Jar Soft Fruit Jam (in 1lb jar)
  46. Jar Stone Fruit Jam (in 1lb jar)
  47. Jar Jelly (in 1lb jar)
  48. Jar Marmalade (in 1lb jar)
  49. Citrus Curd (in 1lb jar)
  50. Sweet Chutney (in 1lb jar)
  51. Pickled Onions or Shallots
  52. 6 Sausage Rolls
  53. Apple Pie (with pastry top and bottom and no decoration)
  54. 6 Cheese Scones
  55. 6 Fruit Scones
  56. Bread Pudding or Bread and Butter Pudding
  57. Victoria Sandwich (see ingredients and size of tin on separate sheet)
  58. Fruit Cake (see ingredients and size of tin on separate sheet)
  59. Salted Caramel Cake (any shape or size)
  60. Shortbread
  61. Homemade Wine, Lager, Beer, Cider or Liquor etc.
  62. Metal, Wood, Glass or Ceramic Item
  63. Knitting or Crochet item
  64. Cross Stich or Embroidery Item
  65. Artwork (Charcoal, Watercolour etc)
  66. Material (Fabric, Fur, Felt etc.)

Childrens Categories

Class G (5 years and under) Decorated Biscuit

Class H (6 to 8 Years) Branch / Wood Monster

Class I (9 to 11 Years) Baking

If you would like more information, please contact Angela on 07789068340