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South Marston Transport Report – Final

Here you can find links to the Village Transport and Traffic Working Paper produced by the Borough’s consultants JMP Ltd.

It sets out the existing problems with traffic in the village and suggests options for improving footpaths at Pound Corner and the Thornhill Road bend area and controlling traffic speed. It does NOT cover traffic flow issues for an expanded village under the EDA which will be covered by a separate excercise. The approach is to improve pedestrian access and safety rather than improve traffic movements.

If you have any feelings/preferences to the proposals made below, then take the opportunity to share them by leaving a comment against this Blog Post.

Parish Council Elections

The South Marston Parish Council elections were uncontested and the Returning Officer has advised that the elected Parish Councillors for South Marston are:-

Sylvia Brown                                           Malcolm Philips

Neil Burchell                                           Robbie Taylor

Colin McEwen                                        Barry Thunder

Brian McGlone                                      Stuart Young

Kenneth Millard

This means that the Parish Council now has its full complement of 9 Councillors

Borough Council and Parish Council Elections

An Election of Borough Councillors will take place on Thursday 6th May and will include an election for the Blunsdon Ward which covers South Marston. (See formal notice)

Notice of Election of Parish CouncillorsAn election of  Councillors for South Marston Parish Council will also take place on Thursday 6th May (see formal notice). Continue reading Borough Council and Parish Council Elections