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Stuart “Wildman” Mabbutt

On: Monday 9 April 2018

at: South Marston Village Hall

@ 7:30 to 9:30pm

South Marston Club is hosting speaker Stuart “Wildman” Mabbutt.

Stuart will talk about attracting wildlife in our gardens and how we can begin to appreciate it better by using our senses and exploring our collective psychology and sociology.

“We look but do we see, we listen but do we hear, we touch but do we feel, we sniff but do we smell, we eat but do we taste”.

This is also an ideal chance to get a signed copy of his wildlife gardening books and a highlights cd of his radio show.

Stuart ‘The Wildman’ Mabbutt has been a professional wildlife gardener for nearly 29 years.

He writes widely in magazines on the subject and recently published his first 2 books and is busy writing the next.

He leads nature workshops for business people, individuals, children and families to show how engaging with nature with the 5 senses can help manage stress and pain. As well as be a good team building tool.

He is a wildlife sound recordist and makes the independent wildlife radio show, Going Wild With Wildlife, which transmits 25 times a week on 7 different stations across Britain. He’s working on a pilot and first series of a new countryside TV/Online show ‘The Peoples Countryside’.

He’s developing some academic research with Oxford University into the benefits of nature on the human body.

Stuart has an ambition to perform on the main stage at the O2 Arena in London and is developing a stage show, 3-day countryside retreat to start the ball rolling in getting him there.

You can see more on Stuart at:

£3 entry fee on the door or £12 full membership.  A warm welcome awaits you along with tea and cake as well as an optional raffle.

Monday 5 March 2018 Meeting Update

After two months absence, we welcomed back 19 of our existing members.  We kicked off the evening with our AGM.  Our finances are looking so much better than last year and this was due to the amount of fundraising the Club organised last year.  The speakers we have booked for this year will take a large chunk of the money. The same Committee Members were re-elected.

Unfortunately, due to the recent bad weather our booked speaker for the evening “Pennard Plants” had to cancel.   The evening was saved by Barry Thunder and Anne Featherstone who stepped in to do a presentation to the group on behalf of the Parish Council Open Spaces Working Group.  They asked for the help of the Gardening Club, to work on the War Memorial in its 100 years since the end of WW1.  A few of the Gardening Club Members signed up to be involved with the planning which will be fed back to the Club.  Once decisions have been made with regards to the planting material required, the Gardening Club will help grow some of these plants.

South Marston Gardening Club

2018 Programme

Monday 5 March: “AGM” followed by Pennard Plant of Somerset. Bringing along their collection of Heritage and Heirloom Seeds and Plants available to purchase at the end of the evening.

Monday 9 April:  Speaker: Stuart Mabbutt – Wildman Environmental Learning of Oxford Talk Title: Wildlife in Everyday Gardens

Monday 14 May: Speaker:  Pete and Bob Biggs of Wanborough Talk Title: Culinary Herbs and their Uses

Monday 11 June: Plant Sale Time: 7:30pm to 9pm

Monday 2 July: Members BBQ Time: 7pm till 9pm Where: Catsbrain Farm

Saturday 7 July: South Marston Fete (Gardening Club have a stall selling Plants, Produce and Cakes) Time: 2pm to 5pm Where: South Marston Playing Field

Sunday 29 July: Open Garden Event Time: 2pm – 5pm Where: South Marston Village

Friday 17 August: Registration for the Annual Flower and Produce Show (Gardening Club Members, South Marston Allotment holders and South Marston Residents only). Time: 7pm to 8:30pm

Saturday 18 August: Annual Flower and Produce Show (see above). Time: Refer to schedule (available from Mike New or Angela Newton)

Monday 3 September:  Speaker: Paul Green of Newent, Gloucestershire Talk Title: It’s Not All about Flowers – Foliage and Stem Interest

 Monday 1 October: Speaker: Geoff Hodge of Peterborough Talk Title:  Bugs & Garden Plagues – Pest & Disease Control

 Monday 12 November:  Workshop – Floral Display

 Monday 3 December:  Social Evening

The above to be held in South Marston Village Hall @ 7:30pm to 9:30pm unless otherwise stated.

£3 entry fee on the door or £12 full membership.

A warm welcome awaits you along with tea and cake as well as an optional raffle.

 For more information, please contact Mike New on 827807 / 07999914751 or

Angela Newton on 832034 / 07789068340 /

South Marston Gardening Club

Pennard Plants

Heritage and Heirloom

Monday 5 March


Followed by “Pennard Plants of Somerset”

Bringing along their collection of heritage and heirloom seeds and plants, available to purchase.

South Marston Village Hall @ 7:30 to 9:30pm.

£3 entry fee on the door or £12 full membership.

A warm welcome awaits you along with tea and cake as well as an optional raffle.

For more information, please contact Mike New on 827807 or 07999914751

Gardening Club

Monday 6 November 2017

Candle decoration

“Workshop” Christmas Table Decoration

Have fun putting together your own table decoration in time for Christmas.

South Marston Village Hall @ 7:30pm.

£10 for non-members (this includes materials for the decoration and 1 years membership).

A warm welcome awaits you along with tea and cake as well as a


For more information, please contact Mike New on 827807 or 07999914751

South Marston Gardening Club


Monday 9 October 2017

“Easy Orchids” by Geoff Hobson.

Geoff specialises in orchids and will talk about how to grow and care for them successfully.

If you have an orchid that you would like advice on, please bring it along.

South Marston Village Hall @ 7:30pm.

£2 entry fee on the door or £10 full membership.

A warm welcome awaits you along with tea and cake as well as a


For more information, please contact Mike New on 827807 or 07999914751

South Marston Gardening Club

Monday 4 September @ 7:30pm Pete and Bob Biggs talk about “Herbs in Season”. They will bring along a large selection of Herbs which go on sale at £2 each at the end of the evening.

Where: South Marston Village Hall, £2 entry fee on the door (for non members).  Raffle and Refreshments available.

For more information, please contact Mike New on 827807 or 07999914751

Annual Flower and Produce Show – This Saturday (19th August)

The South Marston Gardening Club’s Annual Flower and Produce Show is this Saturday (19th August).

Even if you don’t want to enter, pop along to the Village Hall at 5pm to view the entries. along with a cup of tea and cake.  There’s also a raffle.

At 5:30pm Flowers, Fruit, Vegetables, Baking and Preserves are auctioned off so you could grab yourself some bargains to take home.

For more information about entering, please contact Mike New on Tel. 827807 or look at the Gardening Club’s section on the website (click on link). Flower and Produce Show – Saturday 19 August 2017

Hope to see you there!

Flower and Produce Show – Saturday 19 August 2017

South Marston Gardening Club – Flower and Produce Show to be held on Saturday 19 August 2017

Friday 18 August 7pm to 8:30pm – Register your Exhibits (see list below) at the Village Hall – Schedules 50p available from Mike New Tel. 827807

Saturday 19 August

10am to 12:30pm – Staging of Exhibits

1pm to 4pm – Judging takes place

5pm – Doors open to the public – Admission at door 20p (per adult)

Refreshments and Raffle available

5:30pm – Presentation of Show Winners followed by Auction of Produce (the Committee will be grateful for any exhibit left for sale) and Raffle Prize Draw


  1. 3 Potatoes (white)
  2. 3 Potatoes (coloured)
  3. 5 French Beans
  4. 5 Pods of Peas
  5. 5 Runner Beans
  6. 5 Broad Beans
  7. 3 Onions – under ½ lb in weight
  8. 3 Onions – over ½ lb in weight
  9. 3 Beetroot
  10. 3 Courgettes
  11. 3 Carrots
  12. 2 Cabbages
  13. 2 Cauliflowers
  14. 6 Pickling Shallots (under 30mm in diameter)
  15. 6 Large Shallots (over 30mm in diameter)
  16. 1 Cucumber
  17. 3 Tomatoes
  18. Truss of Tomatoes
  19. Collection of 5 different Vegetables (same quantity and variety as listed in classes 1 – 18 in a seed tray not exceeding 24” x 18”) i.e. 3 carrots, 2 cauliflowers, 3 onions, 3 beetroot and 3 French beans.
  20. Collection of any 5 Vegetables (one of each of any 5 different kinds in a seed tray not exceeding 18” x 12”)
  21. Collection of 5 Salad Vegetables (All different)
  22. Collection of Fresh Herbs
  23. Longest Runner Bean
  24. Heaviest Onion
  25. Heaviest Potato
  26. Any other Vegetable not on schedule
  27. Ugly or Misshapen Vegetable (Please give your vegetable a “name”)
  28. Bowl of Home Grown Fruit (5 of same kind)


  1. Fuchsia* – Standard – maximum length of stem from top of soil to first branch not to exceed 42”


  1. Hanging Basket*

* Above two entries (B & B1) £1 each entry


  1. 1 Single Rose
  2. 3 Roses
  3. 5 Asters (single or double)
  4. 3 Decorative Dahlias (multi coloured)
  5. 3 Cactus Dahlias
  6. 3 Pompom Dahlias (2” maximum diameter)
  7. 1 Specimen Dahlia (large)
  8. 3 Carnations
  9. 5 Pansies
  10. 5 Stalks of Sweet Peas
  11. 3 Spikes of Gladioli
  12. 1 Specimen spike of Gladiolus
  13. 3 Vases of Flowers (a different variety in each vase – no extra foliage)
  14. 1 Pot Geranium**
  15. 1 Pot Fuchsia**
  16. Flowering Pot Plant**
  17. Succulent Pot Plant**
  18. Foliage Pot Plant**
  19. Cactus Pot Plant**

**maximum 7” diameter measured across top of pot from edge to edge (classes 44 – 49)


  1. Square Floral Carpet (not exceeding 6” x 6”)
  2. Miniature Flower Arrangement (under 4” x 4”)
  3. Floral Arrangement “Psychedelic 60s” (not to exceed 15” overall)
  4. Arrangement in a Basket (not to exceed 15” overall)


  1. Photograph “Landmark”
  2. Photograph “Spring Bulbs”


  1. Jar Soft Fruit Jam (in 1lb jar)
  2. Jar Stone Fruit Jam (in 1lb jar)
  3. Jar Jelly (in 1lb jar)
  4. Jar Marmalade (in 1lb jar)
  5. Jar Lemon Curd (in 1lb jar)
  6. Sweet Chutney (in 1lb jar)
  7. Pickled Onions or Shallots
  8. 6 Bread Rolls
  9. 6 Sausage Rolls
  10. Apple Pie (with pastry top and bottom and no decoration)
  11. 6 Cheese Scones
  12. 6 Fruit Scones
  13. Bread Pudding or Bread and Butter Pudding
  14. Victoria Sandwich (see ingredients listed below)
  15. Fruit Cake (see ingredients listed below)
  16. 6 Decorated Cup Cakes
  17. Carrot Cake (any shape or size)
  18. Shortbread


  1. Homemade Wine, Lager, Beer, Cider or Liquor


  1. Metal, Wood or Glass Item
  2. Knitting or Crochet item
  3. Cross Stich or Embroidery Item
  4. Artwork (Charcoal, Watercolour etc)


 Victoria Sandwich   Fruit Cake
6oz Self Raising Flour   8oz Self Raising Flour
6oz Caster Sugar   7oz Fruit
6oz Butter or Margarine   4oz Sugar
3 Eggs   4oz Butter or Margarine
Jam   2 Eggs
    1/8th pint Milk
Cakes can be made in any size tin using the above ingredients only.  Judges will use their discretion to disqualify cakes made using any other ingredients.

For more information contact Mike New Tel. 827807 or Angela Newton Tel 832034.


Section B3


Section B2


Section D


Section A


2016 Winners Presentation

South Marston Open Gardens Sunday 30 July 2-5pm

Poster with lily

South Marston Gardening Club 

Open Gardens Day

Sunday 30 July 2017 – 2pm – 5pm

Come Rain or Shine!


  • Stonecroft, Thornhill Road
  • Dryden House, Thornhill Road
  • Church Farm House*, (Lane to the right of the Church)
  • 1 Southview Cottages, Manor Farm Lane
  • Leaze Cottage, Manor Farm Lane

*Refreshments available at Church Farm House,  Toilets available on the playing field and Parking next to the School and Manor Farm Lane.  

Ticket price £5 per family or £2 individual for entry into all Gardens – Tickets with map available now from Mike New 827807, Jenny McEwen 825312 or Angela Newton 832034 or on the day at any of the listed gardens.

We want you to enjoy the gardens and hope you have a lovely day.

Please can we ask that you respect the gardens and be mindful of your footing.