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Public Notices

Parish Council Update – Feb 2014

January 2014

Detailed below are some of the acvities in which the Parish Council parcipated during the month. For more details, please visit and click on
the ‘Parish Council’ area or contact the Parish Clerk on 07804 225571 or email her at

  • Solar farm at Sevor Farm, Nightingale Lane
  • Ideas for commemorating the WW1 Centenary in South Marston
  • Nominations for the Pride of Swindon Awards
  • Response to the Consultation on the Local Flood Risk Strategy
  • 20mph Speed Zone for South Marston village
  • Update on the latest development issues

Next Meeting – 18th February 2014

Members of the public are welcome to attend Parish Council meengs which are held at 7.30pm in the Village Hall. There is an “Open 10 Minutes” section at the start of the meeting where you are invited to ask questions or discuss an agenda item. It would be helpful if you could inform the Chairman at the start of the meeting of any items that you wish to raise or discuss. All agendas are published on the village website and on the village notice boards, prior to the meetings.

Parish Councillor Vacancies

South Marston Parish Council currently has two vacancies.

If you would like to know more about becoming a Parish Councillor
and would be interested in joining the team, please contact the
Parish Clerk via email:
or call 07804 225571 for more information


Expansion Plans Filed – Updated

The developers who control the land between the village and the railway line have filed their application to develop. It can be viewed here.
The Developers will be holding an exhibition at the Mercure Hotel in the afternoon and evening of the 16th December. The official deadline for responses is 6th December, but as there are 82 documents to get to grips with, this will be extended.
The Parish Council’s Working Group has received DVD copies and accompanying papers and is reading through them. The plans comply with the Supplementary Planning Document that we have been working on in many respects, but not all. Following on from this application there will be a significant amout of work to develop the detail of what is built. More volunteers to assist with this would be welcome!

Planning Response – Sevor Farm Solar Farm

Application Number:S/13/0165/HC

Proposal:                Installation of a Solar Farm

Site Address:         Sevor Farm, Nightingale Lane, South Marston, Swindon SN3 4SL


South Marston Parish Council commented as follows:

In light of problems with AEE Renewables construction of an earlier Solar Farm within South Marston, it is strongly recommended that the following conditions are imposed on any planning approval:

  1. No parking is permitted in Old Vicarage Lane of any vehicles associated with construction at the site.
  2. No vehicles associated with the construction should proceed north of the junction of Nightingale Lane and Old Vicarage Lane towards Pound Corner.
  3. No parking anywhere in the village or wider South Marston Parish of HGVs except in designated HGV parking areas.
  4. These parking and movement restrictions should remain in force throughout the life of the site for maintenance, repair and dismantling activities
  5. Any damage to Old Vicarage Lane and Nightingale Lane resulting from movements of vehicles associated with the construction should be put right on completion of construction work.
  6. The site should be fully cleared within 4 weeks of construction being completed.
  7. All new and existing footpaths should be re-instated to a good condition and fit for purpose before the site opens.
  8. Appropriate contact details to be provided to the Parish Council for the reporting of any problems during construction (e.g. noise, damage, parking) and in subsequent operation (e.g. damage to fencing, vandalism, lack of hedge screening, sheep grazing issues).
  9. Work is restricted to daylight hours only; 0800 to 1800 weekdays, 0800 to 1300 Saturdays, no working on Sundays.