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The 100 Club is coordinated by Mrs Jill Comley.

100 Club Winners for May


Congratulations to the following winners.

£10 No. 30 Jill Sansum

£10 No. 103 Stacy Woolhouse

£10 No. 8 Richard Haine

£10 No. 118 Lisa Farrelly


100 Club Winners


Congratulations to April’s winners

£10 No. 49 Tracey Cook

£10 No. 7 Reg Kilfoyle

£10 No. 100 Richard Haine

£10 No. 85 Maralyn Selwood


100 Club Winners for March


Congratulations to the following winners

£30 No. 48 Tracy Jones

£10 No. 2 Isabelle Clarke

£10 No. 79 Kevin and Sue Kerridge

£10 No. 18 Martyn Cook

£10 No. 60 Sheila Jinks

If you would like to be in for a chance to win, join the 100 Club for just £12 a year. Contact Angela on 07789068340 for more information.


100 Club Winners for February


Congratuations to the following winners

£10 No. 70 Mary Laing

£10 No. 25 Jon Cumming

£10 No. 72 Jim Sansum

£10 No. 44 Charie Goodheart

Would like to join the 100 Club and be in for a chance to win? The 100 Club is a monthly lottery draw run by South Marston Recreation Association (SMRA).

The subscription is £12 per year (£1 per month).  On receipt of payment, you will be allocated a Draw Number.  For each additional annual payment of £12, an additional Draw Number will be allocated.

Prize funds:

  • Four prizes of £10 per month;
  • In addition £30 at the end of each quarter (March, June and September);
  • £100 at the end of the year (December).

All profits made by the “100 Club” will be used to support the maintenance of the South Marston Village Hall and Recreation Field.

Please contact Angela Newton on 07789068340