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The 100 Club is coordinated by Mrs Jill Comley.

100 Club

South Marston Recreation Association (SMRA) is the group, which oversees the maintenance of the recreation field in South Marston, and all residents are members of the association.

South Marston Parish Council provide an annual grant for some of the field maintenance but the only other major source of income for its upkeep and development is the profit from the monthly ‘100 CLUB’ draw and village fetes & Bazaars. The draw is open to all residents of the village.

A subscriber to the draw pays £1.00 a month for a number to be submitted to the draw which takes place at the monthly SMRA meeting in the village hall on the fourth Thursday in the month.

A subscriber may purchase more than one number in the draw.

Payment for the number to be included in the draw is collected annually, or half yearly, in advance. In special circumstances payment can be made monthly by arrangement with the collector.

The number allocation remains his/her number for the duration of membership provided the subscriptions are paid.

To allow early payment of the December prize winners, the draw is made at the November meeting.

Winning numbers are in the following publication of the ‘”Tower and Tap’

Prizes are as follows:

  • 4 prizes of £10.00 per month
  • In addition… £30.00 at the end of each quarter (March, June, Sept)
  • £100.00 at the end of the year (Nov)

If the numbers allocated rise significantly above the 100 mark, extra prizes may be awarded in accordance with the local authority rules governing lottery promotions.

Your Promoter is:

Mrs Jill Comley
Rowboro House
Old Vicarage Lane
South Marston
Tel: 01793 824901

The South Marston 100 Club draw is licensed by Swindon Borough Council in accordance with the lotteries legislation.

This information is also available here:  100 CLUB