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School Expansion – Parish Council Interim response

The Parish Council remains confused by the Education and Planning consultations that are being run almost in tandem by the Diocese of Bristol Academy Trust and the Education Department of the Borough.

Villagers should not be put off from contributing to the discussion. The next event is the Zoom meeting held by the Academy, as set out in the Consultation Document that can be read on a previous post on this website.

The PC’s submission ahead of this meeting can be found here:

SMPC Interim Response

We are pleased that we are now in constructive dialogue with the Academy and school and are addressing some of these issues.

School Expansion – Education Consultation and Zoom Information

The separate education consultation for the school expansion is ongoing and linked here:

Education Consultation – proposed expansion of South Marston CE Primary School

There is a Zoom public meeting scheduled for Thursday 22nd April at 5:30pm with the following joining details:

Please note that any queries or feedback concerning this consultation should be referred to

School Expansion Consultations

As you may have seen the School Expansion consultation has started and will be running for the next 3 weeks.

The associated Planning consultation will run until the end of April, with a public Zoom session on the 22nd April.

There is a dedicated website via this link: 

The Parish Council has been working with the Planning team at the Borough to mitigate the traffic issues by providing a cycle/footpath system for the proposed housing to the south and west across the expanded Village Centre.

A new car park is planned, accessed from the west and Magdalene Close. A temporary car park is required until this is available. We have been working with the Ed. Dept. to incorporate this thinking  into the school design and are making progress with this.

We will be updating the village once we have been able to consider the documents.

Parish Council Meeting – urgent extra item

An urgent extra item will be discussed during the Parish Council meeting tomorrow (16th) relating to the school expansion and the requirement for a temporary car park off Old Vicarage Lane.

This is the result of discussions with the borough council which were confidential until this point. This would normally be included on the agenda but the matter has only just been finalised and needs to be dealt with as soon as possible.

A draft working version of the document to be discusssed can be found here.

If anyone would like to raise any queries about this in advance of the meeting please email the clerk on

Recreation Ground works

On Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd December contractors working alongside Swindon Borough Council will be digging a trench on the edge of the recreation ground near the car park in the village.

This is an essential investigation related to the school expansion planning and the Parish Council has little option other than to allow the work.

The Parish Council has stressed that the site should be safe and secured while being worked on and that all measures will be taken to ensure the area is reinstated adequately. This includes ensuring  the ground is level, turf condition is satisfactory and that disruption to football users and the public is minimised.

Councillors will check the work following reinstatement and it has been agreed that additional remedial works will be carried out in the new year if required.

Old Vicarage Lane

Flyers have been received in the village stating that Old Vicarage Lane is due to be closed to traffic from today for up to 7 weeks. This is to allow construction of the new entrance into the Bellway site and associated works.

This may have some impact on HGV traffic but it is hoped that the number of site vehicles coming through the village will be minimised.

Please note that some lorries (for example those carrying roof trusses) have existing permission to come through the village via Pound Corner as they cannot pass under the rail bridge off the A420 junction.

Planning Application – Nightingale Lane

An updated planning application (S/19/1245) was received last week for a proposed development off Nightingale Lane.

While this arrived too late to be included on the agenda for this week’s Parish Council meeting,  it was considered important enough to be discussed.

The Council has already responded and repeated its strong objection. Any residents who have also previously responded to the application are encouraged to do so again. The deadline for responses is 28th November.

Old Vicarage Lane Closure

Thames Water engineers have dug a trench across the road between the former Hotel site entrance and the A420. They are due to finish by Friday 9th.

This means that construction traffic is coming through Pound Corner, in breach of Bellway’s movement conditions.

We  have protested to Bellway and informed the Swindon Borough Council case officer, but I am not sure that  he can enforce the movement conditions on Bellway when they cannot comply.