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Hotel site fires: Update

Many homes in the village have been affected by smoke from the fires on the old hotel site. The Parish Council, our Borough Councillors and our MP have been informed and have all pressed for action.

On their initial visit Borough officers saw nothing untoward, but they will attend again.

The Parish Council has investigated how this came about and what can be done and a copy of the report is available from the Clerk. The nub of it is that the extent of the nuisance that enables the Borough’s officers to take effective action is a good deal worse than we might wish.

The Borough Public Protection officers have advised the Parish Council that:

• if residents call on 01793 445500 to report significant effects from visible smoke at any time arising from the activities on site then they will always contact them as soon as they are able, and to visit the site if appropriate. However they stress that they are unable to act on the odour arising from the burning which is happening, and can only consider acting where thick smoke is moving into residents homes as a result of the fire(s).
• officers will also proactively visit the site if and when they can to keep an eye on what is happening there
• if local residents consider that there is a real risk of fires becoming out of control, they should dial 999 and ask for the fire service.
• if residents consider that large quantities of unsuitable materials are being burned, such as tyres or plastics, and that toxic smoke is thus being produced; they should contact the Environment Agency on their incident hotline: 0800 807060.

The Parish Council are continuing to monitor the situation and remain in regular communication with Swindon Borough Council and other relevant organisations.

South Marston Hotel: Update

The Old Vicarage section of the Hotel site has been severely damaged by a fire that  started on Friday evening, a week after demolition contractors started work on the site. No other buildings appear to have been affected.

Hotel 29.07.17

It is a condition of the outline planning permission for the site that the building be kept and converted, subject to the usual financial viability test. The Victorian building was listed as a Heritage Asset in our draft Neighbourhood Plan.

Owner Paul Cripps, who is currently here on a visit from his home in Bermuda, attended the scene whilst the fire services were fighting the blaze. He suggested that the fire was probably started by vandals.

Colin McEwen, on behalf of South Marston Parish Council. 29.7.17

Hotel Site Goes to Committee

The application for permission for the Hotel site to be converted into housing is recommended for approval when it comes before the Borough Planning Committee at 6pm tonight, Tuesday 9th May.

Conditions are proposed relating to site drainage, attenuating the noise coming from the Steris building, community infrastructure payments and the retention of the Old Vicarage.

Details are within the Agenda documentation at 

As well as supporting the numerous objections to the loss of the leisure facilities, the Parish Council raised a number of other concerns and these have been addressed in the Officer’s recommendations. The Parish Council no longer consider that it is feasible to expect the club to reopen and will not be attending the meeting.

Examiner gives thumbs up to South Marston Neighbourhood Plan

Your Parish Council is pleased to announce that The South Marston Neighbourhood Plan has passed one more hurdle with the independent examiner judging it as ‘sound’ in planning terms. Following a very lengthy examination stage, the final report has now been published (South Marston NP Final Report 7.4.17).

The examiner complimented the plan, commenting ‘I can see that the Parish Council and its volunteers have put in a great deal of hard work into the submission of the plan and the supporting documents. The plan is well presented and clear; and seeks to represent the local community’s aspirations, which it does well’.

The examiner recommended that 7 of the original 14 policies in the plan should be adopted without change. A further 4 policies should be adopted in the amended versions agreed by the Borough and the Parish Council in September 2016. The remaining policies have been proposed for amendment in line with wording proposed by the major developers in South Marston. None of these proposed amendments should seriously impact on the integrity of the policies which reflect what villagers said were their priorities during the many consultations that led up to the plan submission in January 2016.

The next stage is for Swindon Borough to agree to the amendments as recommended by the examiner and then the plan will be ready to submit to a referendum of parish residents. If the referendum vote produces a simple majority vote in favour of the plan, it will become a key document in decisions on the raft of planning applications anticipated in the parish over the next few years.

Parish Councillors will be holding another information event in May on the same date as the Annual Parish Meeting. This will provide updates on the current position relating to development in our parish and the contribution of various organisations to village life.

The March 2017 report from the independent examiner is here.

Revised HHT application

HHT have submitted an amended application to the Borough that is displayed on the Swindon Planning Portal, Application S/OUT/13/1555.

Comments should be submitted by the 22nd March.

The “Letter from the Agent” explains that the application and all the new information relates to an extension of the new village of Rowborough to the East, the overall number of houses is not increased and in all other respects the application remains as submitted last year.

As always, residents are encouraged to put in their own responses, but if there are any points that you would like the Parish Council to make, please contact us via the Clerk .

Energy Centre: Revised submission

The developers of the proposed Energy Centre at Keypoint have submitted further papers that can be viewed on the Swindon Planning Portal under reference S/16/1055.

Responses should be submitted to the Borough Council by the 15th December.

The Parish Council’s planning group have prepared a note for the Parish Council analysing the traffic issues raised and recommending that the Parish Council repeat their previous concerns and objection.

The note can be viewed here.