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Public viewing of Council accounts

Each year, South Marston Parish Council undergo both an internal and external audit to ensure that we are effectively managing our finances and that our internal processes are working.

As part of the Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015 (SI 2015 No.234), Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014 and the Transparency Code, members of the local electorate are welcome to request to view the accounts of the Council.

Details of this as well as copies of the Annual Return (which is completed as part of our external audit) can be seen below.

Notice of Commencement of the Period for the Exercise of Public Rights 2018-page-001

Notice of Commencement of the Period for the Exercise of Public Rights 2018

Annual Return – public copy


Examiner gives thumbs up to South Marston Neighbourhood Plan

Your Parish Council is pleased to announce that The South Marston Neighbourhood Plan has passed one more hurdle with the independent examiner judging it as ‘sound’ in planning terms. Following a very lengthy examination stage, the final report has now been published (South Marston NP Final Report 7.4.17).

The examiner complimented the plan, commenting ‘I can see that the Parish Council and its volunteers have put in a great deal of hard work into the submission of the plan and the supporting documents. The plan is well presented and clear; and seeks to represent the local community’s aspirations, which it does well’.

The examiner recommended that 7 of the original 14 policies in the plan should be adopted without change. A further 4 policies should be adopted in the amended versions agreed by the Borough and the Parish Council in September 2016. The remaining policies have been proposed for amendment in line with wording proposed by the major developers in South Marston. None of these proposed amendments should seriously impact on the integrity of the policies which reflect what villagers said were their priorities during the many consultations that led up to the plan submission in January 2016.

The next stage is for Swindon Borough to agree to the amendments as recommended by the examiner and then the plan will be ready to submit to a referendum of parish residents. If the referendum vote produces a simple majority vote in favour of the plan, it will become a key document in decisions on the raft of planning applications anticipated in the parish over the next few years.

Parish Councillors will be holding another information event in May on the same date as the Annual Parish Meeting. This will provide updates on the current position relating to development in our parish and the contribution of various organisations to village life.

The March 2017 report from the independent examiner is here.

Neighbourhood Plan consultation: Village Hall access

As part of the consultation on the South Marston Neighbourhood Plan, members of the public can view the plan online at, in the offices of Swindon Borough Council or in Swindon Central Library.

For those resident unable to access these locations, the Parish Clerk will be opening the Village Hall on the dates and times below.

During these times, members of the Parish will be welcome to visit the hall and read the hard copy of the plan on display there.

  • Thursday 11th February 10am to 12pm
  • Monday 22nd February 10am to 12pm
  • Tuesday 1st March 10am to 12pm

Please note that comments must still be submitted to the Borough and the Clerk will be unable to answer queries relating to the plan.

Neighbourhood Planning Committee: Minutes of meeting held on Monday 19th October 2015

The minutes from the recent Neighbourhood Planning Committee meeting can now be viewed.

Neighbourhood Planning Draft Minutes 19.10.15

Please note that these minutes are draft until formally approved at the next Neighbourhood Planning Committee meeting.

If you have any queries, please contact Claire Penny, South Marston Parish Clerk on