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Click here for details of activities undertaken by South Marston Parish Council with regard to defining the Supplementary Planning Document to steer future development by Swindon Borough Council

Keypoint Energy Centre Appeal

The appeal opened on Tuesday 22nd January with well over 100 people attending.   The first speakers included South Marston Parish Councillor Tony Leathart who raised:

  • The visual impact of the 170ft high chimney on the rural aspect of our village
  • The risk that pollution from the process would not be possible to control effectively
  • The likelihood of HGVs queuing on the approach to the site, with the risk of congestion on roads inside and outside the Keypoint site
  • The lack of sufficient waste from the local area, requiring transit from too wide an area into the site.

On the last point, Rolton Kilbride had submitted further documents claiming that additional waste could be brought in by train from a wider area with no resulting impact on local traffic.  Their proposal was to bring trains into the rail link site, offload using HGVs which would then travel on the roads internal to the Keypoint site to be unloaded at the plant.

Our representative stated that this was simply not practical – only a few trains had ever been brought into the rail-link and there was no confirmation that Network Rail would give permission for use of the main line track access.  Furthermore, the HGVs working adjacent to the rail-link siding within the Keypoint would impact severely on access by existing occupiers, particularly Honda’s deliveries and those warehouses involved in supplying Honda’s ‘just-in-time’ production operation.

The full appeal response from South Marston Parish Council can be viewed  here.

The appeal continues on Tuesday 29th January at the Steam museum, beginning each day from 9.30 a.m.

BBC: Swindon 40 hectare business park plans submitted

BBC WiltshireOriginally from the BBC News website: here

Plans for a large business park in Swindon, which developers say could create 2,000 jobs, have been submitted.

The application is for a 40-hectare site by the A420 at Marston Farm, near a proposed area of new homes, schools, health facilities and improved roads.

According to Gleeson Developments Ltd, the eastern area of Swindon would “see a significant investment”.

However South Marston Parish Council has raised concerns about how the site will work as an employment park.

Sylvia BrownSylvia Young, the council’s vice chair, said: “I think our problems are not that it’s an application on a green field site with no infrastructure – it’s that it doesn’t contribute enough to making it work as an employment park.

“As a standalone application it is not connected well enough in terms of the road infrastructure, walking and cycling to the site, and there are definite difficulties with the capacity of the road to take the HGV traffic despite what the developers are proposing to do.

Gleeson Developments Ltd and Portfolio Holdings, which are promoting the scheme known as ‘the Hub’, have said the jobs will be across a range of employment sectors including office, logistics support, drivers and warehouse staff.

Scott Chamberlin, from Gleeson Developments, said: “There are significant and immediate requirements within and around Swindon Borough for new commercial space, particularly larger distribution warehouses of up to one million square foot.

“By providing the opportunity to live and work in the same area, it is not only sustainable but provides a further boost to the local economy as residents re-invest salaries in the local housing, retail and leisure market.”

Planning Application: S/OUT/14/0253

Advertiser – new estate delayed by road chaos fear

Swindon Advertiser today ran the following article:

PLANS to build an estate that will dwarf South Marston have stalled after the Highway’s Agency raised concerns about its impact on the roads.

Last year developers submitted an application to build 2,380 homes just north of the A420 in South Marston in a project known as the Rowborough Development.

But fears that the increased traffic development could swamp the roads, which are already a nightmare for commuters during rush hour, have led to a six-month delay in the application process to give developers time to adjust their plans.

The news has been welcomed by residents of neighbouring South Marston, who had concerns that the initial application did not give enough thought to how to deal with increasing levels of traffic expected by the development .

Sylvia Brown, the vice-chairman of the South Marston Parish Council, said: “They have put it on hold to allow them to amend their application. It will also mean that it will go before the local plan inquiry later this year. The main issue is the road infrastructure for the whole of the Eastern Villages development.”

The news has also been welcomed by villagers in nearby Wanborough.

Gary Sumner, the chairman of the Wanborough Parish Council, said: “I think it’s positive news because the examination in public will take place in May and at least then it will be examined and it will be checked whether the right infrastructure will be put in place. So I am pleased.”

In response to the concerns raised by the Highways Agency, Swindon Council has also extended the time limit for determining the planning application.

A council spokesman said: “The planning application for the Eastern Villages has been put on hold for up to six months after the Highways Agency issued a Direction Of Non-Approval. This has been imposed to allow the applicant to address outstanding highway matters.

“If these matters are addressed before the six-month time limit, the Highways Agency has the power to lift the direction.

“In addition to the direction being imposed, the council has also formally agreed to extend the time limit for determining the planning application until July 31 2014 due to the complexity of the application. The time limit may be extended further if required.”

Hallam Land Management, Hannick Homes and Developments and Laing Homes have come together in the joint venture to build on the 162-hectare site, which stretches from the Thornhill Road junction with the A420 east to Acorn Bridge and north up to Nightingale Farm.

To see the plans, visit and search for application number S/OUT/13/1555.

Advertiser – plans map out future in 100 plus homes preview

Swindon Advertiser Site Logo 2010Swindon Advertiser ran the following article today:

RESIDENTS in South Marston trickled through the Mercure Hotel yesterday afternoon to view pre-application proposals to build more than 100 new homes.

Hartwell Plc is preparing a planning application to build 160 new homes on two sites in the village, and held a public exhibition in the hotel yesterday afternoon.

From 3pm to 8pm residents were able to view the plans to build on Crown Timber and on Thornhill, two brownfield sites which Swindon Council is quite keen to be made use of.

The parish council has few concerns with the proposals at this stage, and looks forward to working with the developers to ensure that the needs of existing and future residents are met.

Barry Thunder, a member for the South Marston parish council, said: “So far the developers have been happy to meet with us and work with us and the plans look fine. As long as we can work with them and can say to them that’s fine, have you thought about this, then this could work very positively for the village.”

The 1.9 hectare site at Crown Timber is to the north west of Thornhill Road, and is already owned by Hartwell Plc.

But the 4.2 hectare Thornhill site, to the south east of Thornhill Road, is still owned by various companies who Hartwell hope will release the land to them.

Residents can still ask questions and discuss the plans with the developers.

For more information or to share your views, call Walsingham Planning on 01628 532244.

Parish Council: Roads and Connectivity Resolutions

The Parish Council discussed the issues of roads and connectivity at the Parish Council meeting on the 18th February 2014. The following resolutions were passed unanimously, with all Parish Councillors in attendance:

Consultation over the last few years has confirmed that the top concern of local residents is the impact by development on local road networks and junctions onto the A420. A particular cause of concern is the likely increase in traffic using Pound Corner and Old Vicarage Lane to access the planned new community facilities and school.

Resolution 1:

  • South Marston Parish Council confirms its agreement with the draft SM SPD’s proposal/requirement for a road link connecting the new areas of development running north of Manor Farmhouse. This should provide road access into the village central area from the south and from the west rather than via a ‘bypass’ and existing village roads as suggested by the developer’s outline planning application.
  • To enable this to happen, the Parish Council is willing to allow access across the southern end of the existing recreation ground to the school and community facilities provided the community gains the compensatory green open space behind Bell Gardens.
  • The Parish Council will continue negotiations with HHL and other developers to achieve an integrated plan for the village, consistent with the draft Supplementary Planning Documents and Local Plan.

Resolution 2:

Housing development at Crown Timber has previously been refused as being too remote from the village centre. The Parish Council will oppose residential development of the Crown Timber or Thornhill sites without:

  • A satisfactory footpath provision from the site to the centre of the village in the first phase of development.
  • A design layout for both sites that enables appropriate links with the proposed Eastern Villages development for pedestrians and cyclists as well as cars.

Swindon Advertiser: Concern at lack of detail in 2380 home plans

Swindon Advertiser today ran the following article:

South Marston Parish Council are becoming frustrated with what they see as a lack of co-operation from developers for a proposed 2,380-home expansion.

The application, which was submitted in November of last year, would see an area four times the size of the village marked out for new housing.

While negotiations continue, the parish council hopes its own housing blueprint can be confirmed before a concrete plan is agreed.

The council’s vice chairman Sylvia Brown said: “We are not getting the co-operation we deserve. We have been talking to developers for three years. Every time we ask them to do something in order to move to the next stage they came back with something else. We have had outline applications in the past where significant issues have been glossed over in the detailed application. They are relying on the lack of conditions on outline planning permission to get away with it. That cannot happen with a development of this size.”

Objections lodged by the parish council include a lack of detail in the road network and fears around drainage and flooding.

”We are not objecting to the plans because they are premature, we are simply objecting to the proposals put forward,” Sylvia said.

“The infrastructure in terms of road networks and facilities are inadequate to provide what is required under the Local Plan. The plan is going for examination in public in May, and it is likely this won’t be determined before then because there is so much work to be done. We are happy for it not to be rejected but for discussions to continue.”

A spokesman for David Lock Associates, agents for the application, said: “The area to the east of Swindon has been identified as a potential area for growth for a number of years.

“The Local Plan is being examined by a planning inspector and one area that he will scrutinise will be the deliverability of schemes identified in the plan to meet the housing requirement for Swindon.”