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Click here for details of activities undertaken by South Marston Parish Council with regard to defining the Supplementary Planning Document to steer future development by Swindon Borough Council

This is Wiltshire – Special planning orders will help to speed up business projects in Swindon

Original article is here:

A SERIES of planning orders are set to be introduced in the South Marston area in an attempt to attract businesses and help them to grow.

Local Development Orders are to be placed on the HondaManufacturing Plant, the South Marston Trading Estate and Keypoint, which is adjacent to the village.

If they are formally adopted then it would mean that companies based on those sites would be able to build non-contentious projects without having to go through the planning process.

Honda would therefore be able to make minor alterations to the plant while businesses on the other site can upgrade their buildings without having to go through the often time consuming process on applying for formal permission.

It is hoped the orders will also act as an incentive to attract new businesses to the area, which will bring new jobs.

There are restrictions on what can be built so companies will have to get a certificate from the council to confirm their works is within the limitations of the Local Development Order.

A number of affected businesses were consulted on the plan, along with the parish council, who all came out in favour once a few minor alterations to ensure neighbouring properties could not be affected by any build works.

Honda have said they are fully supportive of the orders. During the 30 year lifetime of the manufacturing plant, Honda have put in more than 100 low impact planning applications, which can take several months to be accepted.

The council has decided to place the order on the plant in the hope it will give the firm more confidence to invest.

It will allow Honda to make a variety of changes including extensions up to 5,000 square metres and the replacement of existing buildings.

A spokesperson for the car maker said: “We welcome the news that the Local Development Order has been put in place. The new process will enable us to move certain changes through quickly and efficiently, saving time and money.

The Local Development Orders are due to go before the planning committee for approval tonight.


Village Expansion: Comments Required – Updated with slides from Exhibition


Comments can be made by searching ‘Swindon S/OUT/13/1555’, where the full application and a non-technical summary can also be viewed.

Boards from the Developer Exhibition

The Parish Council Expansion Working Group has regularly sought village opinion and worked with Swindon Borough Council to develop a blueprint for development within South Marston village and the wider expansion area.  The two draft Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) are now due to be examined as part of the overall Swindon Borough Local Plan.  We have also been in dialogue with the developers over the last 18 months to try to ensure that what they put forward is the best possible for the village.

The application submitted by the Developers is similar to the SPDs in many ways, but the Parish Council Expansion Working Group has major concerns:

  1. We object to the additional housing taken for residential building at South Marston compared with the SPD, both in numbers and land allocation.   The South Marston SPD proposed just 500 on the developer-controlled land, but this has been increased to 580 in this planning application.   We are already expecting a tripling of the size of the village and wish to retain the village identity.
  2.  The Developer’s figures predict an increase in daily traffic at the Thornhill Road exit onto the A420 at the Sainsbury’s roundabout from 5,108 now to 8,336 in 2026, with a 48% increase during the morning rush hour. They believe that widening the junction will be adequate to deal with this increased flow. We dispute this.  Traffic from Saint Margaret’s Park (Dunelm) increases the difficulty of exiting the junction, and no allowance has been made for Rowborough traffic using the proposed link road to this junction rather than joining the rush hour queue on the A420 at the Carpenter’s Arms.
  3. We object to the proposed link road across the South Marston SPD site which will serve as a route for Rowborough traffic, confirmed by the significant roundabout at its junction with Old Vicarage Lane (OVL).  This is contrary to the Village SPD.  The proposed road never reaches the central parcels of housing development or the intended site of the new Village Hall so is of little value for internal village traffic.   It is also an unwanted opportunity for further development.
  4. We do not understand why there are two roads from Rowborough onto Old Vicarage Lane unless it is to act as an eventual alternative to the provision of the expensive tunnel under the railway for access between the A420 and Rowborough or to more easily feed Rowborough traffic onto the link road
  5. The traffic model assumptions are that no Rowborough traffic will use the link road. We do not accept this. They also assume that the ‘Green Bridge’ over the A419 from the development south of the A420 will be built. What guarantee is there of this?
  6. What is the intended phasing of the development? Is it intended that South Marston will be completed before Rowborough is started? What will be the trigger points for the building of the tunnel from Rowborough onto the A420? The school expansion? The new Community facilities?
  7. The development of a village centre, with appropriate road and footpath links to the development, is the key to providing a sustainable development in SM and should be considered within the planning application rather than as an afterthought. There is virtually nothing about this.  How will it be brought into the plan?  Similarly the development of the land behind the hotel will have an impact on the village centre. Are the developers working with with the owner and his advisers and making every effort to maximise the integration of the plans?
  8. No relevance has been given to preserving views of the Downs, from either village.
  9. What are the plans for preserving existing hedgerows and trees?
  10. Flood risk: Although there are proposals for managing surface water and flooding, what will happen if we have another 2007 event?
  11. School: The location of the expanded school has, in the past, been contentious. The only proposal that is financially acceptable to the Swindon Local Education Authority (LEA) is to expand the existing site, preserving the Victorian part of the building.  This has now been agreed by the Parish Council and is in the Village SPD.  The school Governing Body are starting to look at the implications of implementation with the LEA.  The Developers will have to contribute the major portion of the cost, based on the number of houses being built.

The Developers have been fully aware, for the past two years, of the analysis commissioned by the Borough, including the significant cost differentials for the LEA.  They said nothing then, but are now suggesting that it would be more profitable for them if they built a new school on a new site.  There are significant obstacles to be overcome here and we are not sure whether the developers are serious or trying to deflect village opinion and debate away from the fundamental issues of the traffic routes, and the quality of other infrastructure proposed under their plan.

There will be a significant amount of work to come before the detail of what is built is decided – the Parish Council would welcome volunteers for this

We are also seeking to recruit 2 new Parish Councillors!!  Please contact our Clerk, Amanda Burchell, at

We will also be displaying drawings for the proposed 20mph zone for your comments

Advertiser – Fears over plans for 2,380 homes near South Marston

This is WiltshireLogo for 'This is Wiltshire' today ran an article regarding public reaction to the planning application submission for 2380 houses near South Marston:

RESIDENTS fear an application for a 2,380-home development, set to dwarf neighbouring South Marston, is jumping the gun before the town’s future housing blueprint is set in stone next year. The application, which was submitted to Swindon Council last week shows an area at least four times the size of South Marston marked out for development by Hallam Land Management Limited, Hannick Homes and Developments and Taylor Wimpey.

The 162-hectare site will stretch from the Thornhill Road junction with the A420 east to Acorn Bridge and north up to Nightingale Farm.

The plans were submitted months before the Local Plan is set to be agreed and a week after Government-appointed planning inspector Mike Fox raised concerns about the provision of infrastructure in Swindon’s Local Plan at an exploratory meeting at the Steam Museum.

Now there are fears that developers are trying to take advantage of Government rules and develop the land before local guidance is formalised and adequate infrastructure is in place.

Sylvia Brown, the vice-chairman of South Marston Parish Council, said: “We know we are going to get significant housing here, so we are keen for developers to work with the village to make sure that the development takes place in the best possible way. The main issue is the road infrastructure for the whole of the Eastern Villages development. They need to make sure flooding is addressed and the junctions on to the A420 are properly planned.

But Dale Heenan, the cabinet member for strategic planning and sustainability, said: “Residents will be concerned that a developer is trying to jump the gun before the Local Plan is agreed. However, Swindon Borough Council and South Marston Parish Council have done a lot of good work together over the last two years to establish additional planning policies which sets out what is acceptable, and what is not acceptable for development in and around the village. The South Marston policy will be used as part of the decision making process, and it is too early to tell how good or bad the submitted planning application is.

A spokesman for David Lock Associates, the agents for the application, said: “David Lock Associates say that the area to the east of Swindon has been identified as a potential area for growth for a number of years and has been subject to numerous rounds of consultation as part of the Regional Spatial Strategy process and now the emerging Swindon Local Plan.

“The Local Plan is currently being examined by a planning inspector and one area that he will scrutinise will be the deliverability of schemes identified in the plan to meet the housing requirement for Swindon.

Residents have until December 5 to view and comment on the plans before the consultation period ends.

Click here to see all of South Marston websites previous posts on this subject.

The planning application is available here.

Expansion Plans Filed – Updated

The developers who control the land between the village and the railway line have filed their application to develop. It can be viewed here.
The Developers will be holding an exhibition at the Mercure Hotel in the afternoon and evening of the 16th December. The official deadline for responses is 6th December, but as there are 82 documents to get to grips with, this will be extended.
The Parish Council’s Working Group has received DVD copies and accompanying papers and is reading through them. The plans comply with the Supplementary Planning Document that we have been working on in many respects, but not all. Following on from this application there will be a significant amout of work to develop the detail of what is built. More volunteers to assist with this would be welcome!

AEE: Community Benefits

AEE have been meeting with representatives of the parish council to finalise the details of the community benefits.
Barry Thunder and Colin McEwen met with Adam Withers, Niels Kroener (AEE Director) and Robin Stone (Senior Engineer) to finalise proposals from the company this week, which will be presented at the South Marston Parish Council meeting on Tuesday (Village Hall, 7pm).
Their proposals can be found under the Community Benefits section of the Sevor Farm Blog.

Crossposted from the Sevor Farm Blog.

Planning Response – Sevor Farm Solar Farm

Application Number:S/13/0165/HC

Proposal:                Installation of a Solar Farm

Site Address:         Sevor Farm, Nightingale Lane, South Marston, Swindon SN3 4SL


South Marston Parish Council commented as follows:

In light of problems with AEE Renewables construction of an earlier Solar Farm within South Marston, it is strongly recommended that the following conditions are imposed on any planning approval:

  1. No parking is permitted in Old Vicarage Lane of any vehicles associated with construction at the site.
  2. No vehicles associated with the construction should proceed north of the junction of Nightingale Lane and Old Vicarage Lane towards Pound Corner.
  3. No parking anywhere in the village or wider South Marston Parish of HGVs except in designated HGV parking areas.
  4. These parking and movement restrictions should remain in force throughout the life of the site for maintenance, repair and dismantling activities
  5. Any damage to Old Vicarage Lane and Nightingale Lane resulting from movements of vehicles associated with the construction should be put right on completion of construction work.
  6. The site should be fully cleared within 4 weeks of construction being completed.
  7. All new and existing footpaths should be re-instated to a good condition and fit for purpose before the site opens.
  8. Appropriate contact details to be provided to the Parish Council for the reporting of any problems during construction (e.g. noise, damage, parking) and in subsequent operation (e.g. damage to fencing, vandalism, lack of hedge screening, sheep grazing issues).
  9. Work is restricted to daylight hours only; 0800 to 1800 weekdays, 0800 to 1300 Saturdays, no working on Sundays.