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General village news

Fibre Broadband Update

The Chairman has received the following update from Openreach regarding the village fibre installation:

The  team is currently finalising the fibre infrastructure for the Thornhill Road and village centre installations. Commissioning should be completed in the next couple of weeks and then residents will be contacted by BT/other service providers to arrange to connect the fibre into their houses.

He confirmed that it will be “FTTP” – fibre to premises.

School Expansion – Education Consultation and Zoom Information

The separate education consultation for the school expansion is ongoing and linked here:

Education Consultation – proposed expansion of South Marston CE Primary School

There is a Zoom public meeting scheduled for Thursday 22nd April at 5:30pm with the following joining details:

Please note that any queries or feedback concerning this consultation should be referred to

Honda Announcement & Allotment site

Honda has issued a press release today with details about the future of its main Swindon site. The press release sent to the Parish Council can be found here.

As many of you will be aware, South Marston allotments sit on land that currently belongs to Honda that is rented for a minimal fee. The Parish Council has previously requested that Honda gifts the land to the parish as part of its legacy when it leaves. From previous correspondence, and talking to a Honda representative today, we remain hopeful that this will be the case and will be seeking further clarity on the future of the allotment site over the coming months .


School Expansion Consultations

As you may have seen the School Expansion consultation has started and will be running for the next 3 weeks.

The associated Planning consultation will run until the end of April, with a public Zoom session on the 22nd April.

There is a dedicated website via this link: 

The Parish Council has been working with the Planning team at the Borough to mitigate the traffic issues by providing a cycle/footpath system for the proposed housing to the south and west across the expanded Village Centre.

A new car park is planned, accessed from the west and Magdalene Close. A temporary car park is required until this is available. We have been working with the Ed. Dept. to incorporate this thinking  into the school design and are making progress with this.

We will be updating the village once we have been able to consider the documents.

Nightingale LAne and Woods

Residents have raised a number of concerns recently regarding the amount of vehicles and visitors using Nightingale Lane and accessing Nightingale Woods.  These concerns include speeding, safety of pedestrians and horses and damage to the road and property.

Forestry England has confirmed that the car park there will not be locked due to government guidance that such locations are to remain open – they will put some additional signage up. Our police contacts  have also confirmed that there is little they can enforce regarding ‘local’ use.

This matter was discussed in the public session of the Parish Council meeting held on 19th January. Unfortunately, despite understanding the concerns, the Parish Council has no powers to intervene in the situation.  The Clerk has notified our ward councillors who have been asked to investigate any measures that might be taken.

Kevin Morgan

Parish Clerk

Recreation Ground works

On Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd December contractors working alongside Swindon Borough Council will be digging a trench on the edge of the recreation ground near the car park in the village.

This is an essential investigation related to the school expansion planning and the Parish Council has little option other than to allow the work.

The Parish Council has stressed that the site should be safe and secured while being worked on and that all measures will be taken to ensure the area is reinstated adequately. This includes ensuring  the ground is level, turf condition is satisfactory and that disruption to football users and the public is minimised.

Councillors will check the work following reinstatement and it has been agreed that additional remedial works will be carried out in the new year if required.