The Neighbourhood Planning Committee

The Aim of the Neighbourhood Planning Committee

The Neighbourhood Planning Committee (NPC) are the group of individuals that have worked on the creation of the Neighbourhood Plan and have helped to not only compile the huge amounts of information needed for it but also to help decide the policies and aims within it.

The Committee has been given powers by the Parish Council, remain answerable to them and abide by a code of conduct.

They were supported in delivering some parts of the plan by the Expansion Working Group.

Neighbourhood Planning Committee Membership (as at 31.3.2016)

Sylvia Brown (Chair)
Colin McEwen
Barry Thunder
Stuart Young
Tony Leathart
Ben Lovelock via the parish clerk
Alan McElroy (from May 2015)

Previous members

Anne Featherstone (to November 2015)
Stephanie Blair (to May 2015)

Minutes of the Neighbourhood Planning Committee

Minutes of meeting of the NPC can be viewed below. Please note that minutes remain draft until approved at the next NPC meeting

Approved NPC Meeting minutes March 2015

Approved NPC Meeting minutes April 2015

Approved NPC Meeting Minutes May 2015

Approved NPC Meeting minutes June 2015

Approved NPC Meeting minutes August 2015

Draft NPC Meeting minutes October 2015

How to contact the Neighbourhood Planning Committee

In the first instance, please direct all queries to the NPC Clerk, Claire Penny on or 01793 686150.

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