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The Friendly Club – Recent Events


Tuesday 17th May

Our outing to Madame Tussauds went well as expected with many opportunities for photographs with the exhibits. You are allowed to get close and personal with them. The 4D show was very enjoyable with some special effects being generated from your seat.


Tuesday 14th June

This meeting was our Annual General Meeting. All existing committee members were re-elected and maintain their same duties. No new nominations had been received. Following the AGM business we heard how the Friends of Angel’s Orphanage was started and the work they and the founder Angel Shahi do. Whilst in Nepal on a Medical Mission in Spring 2009 Ian & Rosa Matheson met Angel Shahi, who had rescued from all overNepal 22 abandoned, orphaned or ‘given-up children. Given-up children are from widowed mothers who have not means to keep them. The Nepalese culture due to an archaic belief which is still prevalent today does not wish to help widows of any age. It was a very interesting, moving and informative talk. A collection at the meeting raised £98.35 from members to help support the work at the orphanage. For further information visit


Tuesday 21st June

Our outing to the Hawk Conservancy Trust was an excellent day out. The time table of displays worked well with plenty of time for lunch. The commentaries given were very informative and the displays by the birds were a sight to behold. The various displays included heron and vulture feeding, hawks and red kite flights to catch food on the hand and in the air and finally a display by owls. We were also able to feed owls and hawks from a gloved hand. Photographs of some of the birds and club members .

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The Friendly Club – Future Events.


Tuesday 12th July – in the Village Hall at 2.00pm

We will be entertained by Gillian Monk, an optician, on the topic ‘A room with a view’ which is a comical talk on exploring the eye.


Tuesday 19th July – Outing

We will be taking a trip to Kew Gardens. Pick up time outside the school is 9.00 am and our return to South Marston will be approximately 6.30 pm.


Tuesday 23rd August – Outing

We will be taking a trip to Abergavenny and theWyeValley.  Pick up time outside the school is 9.00 am and our return to South Marston will be approximately 6.30 pm.


Help! My Cooking Apple Tree has a pest that comes back every year.

If you know anything about fruit trees then I would really appreciate your help to solve my pest problem:

Every year for the last 4 years, my Cooking Apple Tree has been afflicted with the same pest. Sometimes we get one or two apples growing but they don’t get to a good size and drop off before they are ready.

The Conference Pear Tree on the same wall is thriving and we are expecting a huge crop against next year.

Both our trees are espalier and cut back at the end of each season. We have also tried leaving out apple until the spring before cutting back, but it made no difference.

Any help or insight would be gratefully received.

Advertiser: We’re not nimbys but we don’t want turbines here

A wind turbine at Greenpark, Reading, England,...
Image via Wikipedia

Swindon Advertiser today ran the latest article regarding Hand/Ecotricity’s planning application for three wind turbines on the Honda site.

The controversial plan to put three turbines at the Honda plant, in South Marston, will come before the council’s planning committee on July 12.

There has been a campaign against the proposals since they were unveiled last summer, and lobby group Ill Wind intends to fill the council chamber when it is debated.

The full article is available here.

Vote for your favourite teacher and put South Marston on the map

The Swindon Advertiser are holding a competition to find out who is your (or your child’s) favourite teacher, details here.

We only have until Monday (13th June) to get our entries in.

Wouldn’t it be fabulous if one of the teachers at South Marston Primary School was in the paper!

I’m off now to buy my copy of the Adver and fill out the form to vote for my favourite teacher…

Meet your MEP – William Dartmouth

Date: Monday 27th June 2011

Time: 7:15 pm

Venue: Forrest Suite, South Marston Hotel, Old Vicarage Lane, South Marston, Swindon, SN3 4SH

William Dartmouth MEP, is one of six UK MEPs representing the South West, elected in the 2009 European elections. Please come along and hear what he’s doing and ask any questions that you may have.

Their original promotional flyer is available here.

Source: The Office of William Dartmouth MEP, 31 West Street, Wilton, Wilts, SP2 0DL


FYI: To see a list of the MEPs representing your region:**ALL**&filter2=**ALL**&filter6=**ALL**&filter4=**ALL**&submit=Submit