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Youth Club Update – July 2011

For more details please contact Julie or Steve Hatherall:


tel: 07923 441 296


July dates (no meetings in August):

Mon 4 & 18 July – Village Hall

Fri 1, 15 & 29 July – Village Hall


Extra events:

Youth Club Stall at South Marston Fete 9 July. Tombola, Tuck shop, Stocks, Games.

Gardening Club Update – July 2011

Cabbage and its cross section
Image via Wikipedia

Recent Events

On Monday 16th May many of us were reminded of what life was like years ago with a talk by Pamela Clement on “Life from Victorian times onwards.” 

She commented on the reasons why our ancestors cabbages grew so well ( something to do with having no inside toilets) and how everyday products were used as “cure alls” inside the house and in the garden.

Future Events

On Monday 4th July we will hold our annual B.B.Q. at Catsbrain Farm for all our members ( the usual bring your own plate etc applies.) Entertainment will be by OK Reunited. Please remember the earlier start time of 7:00pm.

August brings the Annual Flower Show.

On Saturday 20th August is the Flower Show. Any members of the village or the gardening club can show their produce.

Whether you have a small or large garden everyone has something to show. Schedules will be available at the B.B.Q. or from Mike on 827807.

South Marston Enterprise Group – July 2011

This small group of villagers has been meeting to talk about and share experiences of being in business for about 18 months. We come from a variety of backgrounds and our experience of being in business varies from a few months to several years; but we all have something to contribute.

In 2010 the group members were able to share knowledge and skills on subjects as diverse as business processes, presenting your business and time management. It’s not a formal group – we meet in each other’s homes, chat and usually indulge in something good to eat and drink.

We’d like to invite anyone with an interest in business or enterprise (you don’t have to run a business) to join us at our meetings. You don’t have to commit to every meeting and it costs nothing.

In July we will be considering How we Learn and how this has an impact on us as individuals and professionals. We will meet at 7.30pm on Thursday 14th July at Nightingale Farm.

If you’d like to come please call Hannah Jones on 01793 823035 or e-mail her at

BBC – UK’s first hydrogen filling station to open in Swindon

Honda FCX Clarity
Image via Wikipedia

The BBC today reported the UK’s first commercial hydrogen filling station to be opened in Swindon.

The fuel cell station will open at car manufacturer Honda’s South Marston plant in September.

Honda manufactures the FCX Clarity, the world’s first commercially available hydrogen-powered vehicle.

The station is being seen as an important step in a UK-wide scheme to make hydrogen vehicles a viable alternative to petrol-driven cars.

Swindon Borough Council’s regeneration body, Forward Swindon, was awarded a £250,000 grant from the South West England Regional Development Agency in order to build the fuel station at Honda in Swindon.

Forward Swindon Chief Executive Ian Piper said: “It’s absolutely ground-breaking stuff. It is the first one in the UK and we think it’s great that Swindon is at the forefront of this.

“The automative and car-making sector is very important to Swindon, and it’s important for Swindon to be at the leading edge in this way.”

Although there are currently few hydrogen-powered cars on the road in the UK, evironmentally-friendly, low-carbon emission vehicles are seen by many as the future of motoring.

The Hydrogen Highway initiative has been set up to promote the viability of new, alternative fuel technologies and build a number of hydrogen-fuelling stations across the south west.

The project also aims to encourage Honda to research and develop new hydrogen-powered cars at its Swindon plant. Currently they are only being manufactured in Japan.

Police Update – July 2011

Police Advice from our Crime Beat Manager, Marc Jackson:

During the summer months, more people tend to venture out and about to enjoy the local country side and good weather. Please can I remind residents to ensure that when they attend local beauty spots, such as Nightingale Woods, that they ensure their vehicle is secured and no valuables are left on view.

We tend to see a slight increase in thefts from motor vehicles during the next few months. If anyone sees individuals or vehicles acting suspiciously around beauty spot car parks, please contact Wiltshire Police on 0845 408 7000.

Information from our Police Community Support Officer, Juliet Evans:

PCSO Juliet Evans will be attending the Meeting Point coffee morning at the Village Hall on 13th August between 11.00-12.00, please come and see me if you would like to discuss any police matters.

Also I am currently arranging with the Swindon Community Safety Team, for the Swindon Community Safety Bus to come to the village in mid August. This will promote safer Swindon and local areas, offering advice on various safety topics. I am also planning to do bike marking. Further details will be posted on the web site when this is confirmed.

South Marston School News – July 2011

Windsor Castle
Image by Shaojin+AT via Flickr

We have again been busy…

Last term Class 2 went on a fantastic trip to Windsor Castle. What made it even more exciting was the fact that The Queen was actually in residence at the time! They saw the state apartments and the room with all the coats of arms. This was especially interesting as Class 2 have been learning about their own family’s coat of arms. One child from the village even spotted his family’s coat of arms on the wall! They were also able to take part in a learning session about the castle and had the chance to dress up as knights in armour and learn what they did in the past. Everyone had a great day.

Also last term Class 3 had a special Viking visitor as part of their topic. Thor the Viking was very friendly and informative about the Viking way of life. Amongst other things the pupils learned about how they dressed, worked, cooked, enjoyed music and fought. The children and staff had an amazing day.

This term we have taken part in Fathers’ Story week and the children have loved having their Dads come in to school to join in with our fun. Amongst other things they have joined in with house building, gardening, PE, ICT and storytelling.

Many Dads from the village have taken part and we would like to thank all the Dads for their continued support.