Be Bright, Be Safe

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With the clocks going back this weekend (25th Oct 2009), Swindon Borough Council is urging people to take extra care when travelling in the darker evenings.

Cyclists can easily be caught out without lights, and should take the time to check that their bicycle lights are clean and working, and if possible invest in reflective clothing. Dynamo pedals are also available that flash as you cycle, giving added visibility as the cyclist crosses side junctions.

Car drivers should also prepare for the winter months by checking there is a spare blanket in the boot, and taking extra caution to look out for pedestrians and cyclists. It’s also safer to have passengers in the car should you break down or have to walk to isolated car parks, so try to car share with friends and work colleagues as much as possible. To find out who’s going your way, log on to

Wear bright clothing if walking in poorly lit areas too. Whether it’s walking the dog or striding your child to school, make sure you can be seen. Reflective tabards and ankle / armbands are available for both adults and children.

For more information, contact Margaret Tester, Swindon Borough Council’s Road Safety Manager, Phone: 01793 466399

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Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

Neighbourhood Watch logoThe local police are keen to extend the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme in Swindon and the surrounding area. A scheme has been up and running successfully in Ash Gardens and Fuller Gardens for nearly two years and has provided many benefits. There are a number of benefits in becoming part of such a Scheme, these include:-

  • We should feel slightly more secure knowing that our neighbours are keeping an eye on our property and also that we are not alone when problems arise.
  • The opportunity to get to know our neighbours and create a sense of community.
  • The ability to contact the NHW Liaison Officer at Gablecross Police Station, who will listen and, if it is deemed appropriate, pass on any relevant information to the Local Beat Officer.
  • It can help to deter prospective troublemakers from targetting your street.
  • It can lead to lower priced house insurance.

Volunteers will only need to spend a minimal amount of time fulfilling the Co-ordinators role and it should make our village a safer place to live.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme and/or becoming a Co-ordinator for your street in South Marston, please contact Jill Quadri at or telephone Jill on 829796.

Friendly Club – Family Fun 2009

Fun for grandparents, parents and children. All can take part in making simple bird feeders. Watch the attached video of my grandchildren and then make some feeders yourselves. Why not visit Nightingale Wood and search for cones – you may be lucky and find some. It is good exercise for all. This joint venture project will be beneficial to get all generations talking and working together which must be good.

Agenda for Parish Council Meeting – 20th Oct

There is a meeting of the Parish Council on Tuesday 20th October at 7.30pm
in the Village Hall. Members of the public and the Press are welcome to

There is a meeting of the Parish Council on Tuesday 20th October at 7.30pm in the Village Hall. Members of the public and the Press are welcome to attend.

The full agenda is available from:

South Marston Parish Council Meeting Agenda – Oct 2009

Police Surgeries

The local Police are holding surgeries on Tuesday 10th November and Tuesday 15th December in the Meadow Room of the South Marston Hotel (formerly the Nightingale Hotel). If there is anything you would like to discuss with them then drop in between 1900 and 2000 hours on these dates. If you have any problems in your area or there is a forthcoming priority you would like to talk about then please come along.

100 Club

South Marston Recreation Association (SMRA) is the group, which oversees the maintenance of the recreation field in South Marston, and all residents are members of the association.

South Marston Parish Council provide an annual grant for some of the field maintenance but the only other major source of income for its upkeep and development is the profit from the monthly ‘100 CLUB’ draw and village fetes & Bazaars. The draw is open to all residents of the village.

A subscriber to the draw pays £1.00 a month for a number to be submitted to the draw which takes place at the monthly SMRA meeting in the village hall on the fourth Thursday in the month.

A subscriber may purchase more than one number in the draw.

Payment for the number to be included in the draw is collected annually, or half yearly, in advance. In special circumstances payment can be made monthly by arrangement with the collector.

The number allocation remains his/her number for the duration of membership provided the subscriptions are paid.

To allow early payment of the December prize winners, the draw is made at the November meeting.

Winning numbers are in the following publication of the ‘”Tower and Tap’

Prizes are as follows:

  • 4 prizes of £10.00 per month
  • In addition… £30.00 at the end of each quarter (March, June, Sept)
  • £100.00 at the end of the year (Nov)

If the numbers allocated rise significantly above the 100 mark, extra prizes may be awarded in accordance with the local authority rules governing lottery promotions.

Your Promoter is:

Mrs Jill Comley
Rowboro House
Old Vicarage Lane
South Marston
Tel: 01793 824901

The South Marston 100 Club draw is licensed by Swindon Borough Council in accordance with the lotteries legislation.

This information is also available here:  100 CLUB