The Complete History of South Marston – Slides

Here are the slides for Darren Cook’s talk on The Complete History of South Marston.

The talk was attended by more than 100 people. If you enjoyed the talk and would like to leave feedback, then please leave a comment.

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Tower and Tap – December 2009

Click here for the PDF Version of Tower and Tap Dec 2009 – Jan 2010

This months edition includes:-

  • Letter from Rev Victor Howlett.
  • Parish Council Update
  • East Swindon Says No2EDA
  • Website update
  • Gardening Club update
  • Police Surgery
  • Friendly Club update
  • Neighbourhood Watch
  • Youth Club info.
Tower & Tap Submissions
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The deadline for February 2010 issue is 15 January 2010.

Residents’ fears about 12,000 homes

Members of a close-knit community have expressed fears about the repercussions of building 12,000 homes just east of the A419.

The comments came at a meeting at Covingham Park Primary School where more than 50 people gathered to discuss the Government’s Eastern Development Area (EDA).

Covingham residents said their greatest concerns included an increase in flooding, traffic, crime and the loss of an area of outstanding beauty.

EDA homes are to be built north and south of the A420 in Covingham, Wanborough and South Marston on 300 hectares of land.

The area has been identified by the Government’s Regional Spatial Strategy to help Swindon meet targets for new homes over the next 20 years.

Outgoing North Swindon MP Michael Wills, who organised the meeting, in order to bring members of the community together, and to stir discussion, said he was neither opposed nor for the development.

Mr Wills said he hoped to organise another meeting, along with Covingham Parish Council, in January with professional and independent planners to help guide residents through the EDA’s plans.

The above was extracted from Swindon Advertiser. Click for the original article.

Parish Council Update – Dec 2009

New Parish Councillors

The co-option of Mrs Sheila Anderson-Witty, Mr Stuart Young and Mr Neil Burchell as Parish Councillors was ratified at the Council meeting on the 17th November.  The new Councillors fill the vacancies resulting from the resignations of Mr Des Jones, Mr David Marner and Mr Feal-Martinez and brings the Council back to its full complement of 9 councillors. Continue reading Parish Council Update – Dec 2009

Gardening Club Update – Dec 2009

Recent Events

Our October meeting was spent in the company of Joe and Margaret from Sainsbury’s. They gave us an insight into how fruit and veg is sourced by the company. Did you know that Sainsbury’s sell 200 million British apples a year. After the talk we all had a taste of both usual and unusual fruits from around the world.

Future Events

On Monday 7th December we will be able to have a go at making our own Christmas wreath under the watchful eye of our demonstrator Toni Cumming. For a change, refreshments will be mince pies and mulled wine.

Please remember our members social evening on Monday 4th January 2010. It’s the usual format of a plate of food and the earlier start time of 7:00pm. Live entertainment will be provided along with drinks.

Bodleian Library builds storage site in South Marston

Oxford’s Bodleian Library has found a new home for some eight million of Oxford University’s library books at a 300,000 sq ft site in Swindon.

It teamed up with Total Logistics to develop and define a book storage facility system, which could cope with its growing volumes.

As one of six legal deposit libraries in the country – meaning it is entitled to receive a copy of every book published in the UK – the Bodleian Library’s stock is growing at a rate of around 170,000 volumes, or five kilometres of shelf space, per year. Continue reading Bodleian Library builds storage site in South Marston

Swindon Borough residents to get free internet access

Trailblazing Swindon Borough Council is working with the private sector to make Swindon the first town in the UK to provide free internet access for all its residents.

The Council has teamed up with the concept’s originator Rikki Hunt and digital technology firm aQovia to create the company Digital City UK, which under the brand name ‘Signal’, will install a Wi-Fi wireless mesh covering the whole of the Borough of Swindon. Continue reading Swindon Borough residents to get free internet access