Parish Council Update – Dec 2009

New Parish Councillors

The co-option of Mrs Sheila Anderson-Witty, Mr Stuart Young and Mr Neil Burchell as Parish Councillors was ratified at the Council meeting on the 17th November.  The new Councillors fill the vacancies resulting from the resignations of Mr Des Jones, Mr David Marner and Mr Feal-Martinez and brings the Council back to its full complement of 9 councillors. Continue reading Parish Council Update – Dec 2009


Gardening Club Update – Dec 2009

Recent Events

Our October meeting was spent in the company of Joe and Margaret from Sainsbury’s. They gave us an insight into how fruit and veg is sourced by the company. Did you know that Sainsbury’s sell 200 million British apples a year. After the talk we all had a taste of both usual and unusual fruits from around the world.

Future Events

On Monday 7th December we will be able to have a go at making our own Christmas wreath under the watchful eye of our demonstrator Toni Cumming. For a change, refreshments will be mince pies and mulled wine.

Please remember our members social evening on Monday 4th January 2010. It’s the usual format of a plate of food and the earlier start time of 7:00pm. Live entertainment will be provided along with drinks.

Bodleian Library builds storage site in South Marston

Oxford’s Bodleian Library has found a new home for some eight million of Oxford University’s library books at a 300,000 sq ft site in Swindon.

It teamed up with Total Logistics to develop and define a book storage facility system, which could cope with its growing volumes.

As one of six legal deposit libraries in the country – meaning it is entitled to receive a copy of every book published in the UK – the Bodleian Library’s stock is growing at a rate of around 170,000 volumes, or five kilometres of shelf space, per year. Continue reading Bodleian Library builds storage site in South Marston

Swindon Borough residents to get free internet access

Trailblazing Swindon Borough Council is working with the private sector to make Swindon the first town in the UK to provide free internet access for all its residents.

The Council has teamed up with the concept’s originator Rikki Hunt and digital technology firm aQovia to create the company Digital City UK, which under the brand name ‘Signal’, will install a Wi-Fi wireless mesh covering the whole of the Borough of Swindon. Continue reading Swindon Borough residents to get free internet access

Friendly Club Events 2009

The Friendly Club –  Events 2009

Tuesday 8th December 2009 – Christmas Lunch

Our Christmas Lunch was held in the Carriers Arms. Didier and his staff prepared and served us a tasty carvery lunch, thanks to all.  After our lunch we were entertained by UKEBOXJURY in the Village hall, which rounded off the day nicely.

Tuesday 15th December – School Concert

The children of South Marston C of E Primary School entertained us in the school. We had a good representation of Friendly Club members who all agreed how well the children had performed. We thank Alison and staff and especially the children for all the hard work they did to produce the programme

Christmas Bazaar

The winning ticket numbers for the lucky number board were 25, 2 26 56 45 76 and 46 the name of the doll bride was Cinderella.


Tuesday 10th November

A talk on British cheeses was given by Bridget Partridge who explained the processes of cheese making and how aging times creates different levels of maturity. We all had samples of the nine cheeses to taste as the making of each one was talked about. The tale of how the first blue cheese was created, being by accident of leaving one of the processes out overnight through tiredness allowing mould to grow in the air gaps before the pressing stage.

Tuesday 13th October 2009

We were entertained by a group of Belly Dancers led by Chris Clements. Some of us had the courage to take part in the entertainment, but I do not think it will be taken up as an additional hobby by members- stick to line dancing instead. We also heard about the various types of belly dancing and how generally movement interpretation of the music is to the individual’s choice. Therefore a dance routine by a group would not be entirely the same by each member.

Tuesday 8th September 2009

This afternoon meeting was the start of our Autumn/Winter programme. We were entertained by Lynda Warren who told us humorous tales on making shows and films with the many unusual props that were required for them. Lynda had lots of photographs of the props and show shots for us to view after the talk.

Tuesday 14th July 2009

A talk was given by the Samaritans on the work they do. It surprised us the diversity of the work they do and how careful they have to be with people, ensuring that they listen intently to what is being said. The idea is to guide people into solving their problem themselves and not telling them what they should do. A most difficult process for the volunteers. An organisation we are proud to support.

Tuesday 9th June  2009 – AGM

At the Annual General Meeting all the existing committee members were re-elected. The meeting agreed the proposed change to the annual subscriptions as prescribed in the letter sent to all members in April. The change takes effect from 1st June 2009. Annual Reports were given by the Chair- Josie Manners, Treasurer- Sheila Jinks and Secretary – Brian McGlone. A copy of last years minutes of AGM and the audited accounts for 1st June 2008 – 31st May 2009 were given to members attending the meeting.

Following the meeting we were entertained by Ken and Steve who sang many favourite songs which members could also join in with. It was a fine performance by them and was much appreciated by the members.

Tuesday 12th May

A talk was given by Barbara Nixon on the subject “Dreams and their meanings to you”. She explained that the left side of our brain is the area that dreams are associated with. The brain, whilst we are asleep, by use of dreams helps to de-clutter information and stores meaningful memories. Her theory was that dreams have a significant meaning to us and relate to things that have happened in our daily life, though it may not be obvious to us. She explained by analysing the theme of our dreams we can sometimes solve problems that have eluded us. Hence the old expression “sleep on it” to find an answer to something. Other items that were covered included nightmares.

Tuesday 14th April

A well presented talk and slide show was given by Lynda Thompson on the brigantine “Eye of the Wind” which is the world renowned Tall Ship and the only one registered inFaversham. Lynda gave a clear vision of what it was like crewing the ship having been a crew member. Sailing the ship is demanding and not for the feint hearted, you also require a good head for heights when up on the mast and spars to set and haul the sails

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The West Country: A Cultural History

A new book about the cultural heritage of the West Country has ranked two Swindon writers among the area’s finest.

Alfred Williams and Richard Jefferies have been singled out for lofty praise in The West Country: A Cultural History, by John Payne published by Signal Books (paperback, £12).

Separate sections on both Jefferies, who died in 1887, and Williams, who died in 1930, are included in the book, giving them the same prominence as major authors from the West Country, such as Thomas Hardy and Daphne du Maurier.

“So far, Swindon has chosen not to give due honour to these two great writers, which I find puzzling,” said John.

John reserves special praise for Life In A Railway Factory, the warts-and-all account of working conditions and attitudes that Alfred Williams published in 1915 after a quarter of a century of employment in Swindon Railway Works.

“It is one of the first and best accounts of the realities of industrial time and discipline,” said John.

“But Williams, who was born in South Marstonand lived his whole life there, also wrote about the surrounding area with great skill.”

The full version of this article is available from the Swindon Advertiser