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Congratulations to the following winners

£10 No. 111 Andrew Newton

£10 No. 17 David Bickley

£10 No. 38 Terry Sansum

£10 No. 30 Jill Sansum


January 2018 Parish Council meeting minutes

The minutes of the January 2018 meeting of South Marston Parish Council are now available to view here

In this meeting, the Parish Council discussed a wide range of topics, including:

  • The Great Stall East Planning application
  • The progress of the cable installation within the village
  • Discussion about the budget and precept for the financial year ahead

Please note that these minutes are draft until approved by the Parish Council at the next meeting.

Swindon Borough Council road infrastructure proposals for the NEV

Parish Councillors attended the exhibition at the Coleview Community Centre on 23rd January 2018 to view the Borough’s proposals for the A419/A420 corridors.  The plans are also displayed on the SBC website and can be seen here.

The preferred option for the White Hart roundabout is similar to that proposed last year, but with more detail.  It confirms that, contrary to recent rumours, there was never a proposal to close Ermin Street, which would now join up with Oxford Road opposite the White Hart pub.

This means the existing access from the White Hart roundabout up to Ermin Street can be closed, allowing the construction of a northern slip road onto the A420.

The plans for the White Hart show a footpath on the inner edge of the roundabout, with access from Oxford Road north and from the A420 side being given by light-controlled crossings.   The Parish Council has previously argued against this and we have re-iterated our concerns.

The main change to the plans is that there is now an additional access from Covingham via the Merlin Way roundabout onto the White Hart roundabout, similar to the current arrangement, instead of having to negotiate Oxford Road to access the A419 north and A420 east.

Although the alternative “diamond interchange” at the White Hart was also on display, it is acknowledged that this may not be viable due to cost.

The route of the proposed new bridge across the A419, the ‘Great Stall Bridge’, was shown joining Merlin Way roundabout, but gave no details as to whether this will be a priority bus route or for general traffic. Indeed, there seems to be some question as to whether there is sufficient funding for the bridge without seeking more in the way of developer contribution, which might result in less money for other infrastructure.

There is no detail yet on traffic improvements along Oxford Road, particularly at the Nythe Road junction, which we see as a key element of any scheme.

There are still many issues to resolve, and the Parish Council has some concerns about the detailed pedestrian and cycle links, so liaison with highways officers in SBC will be continued.

100 Club winners for October, November and December 2017



£100 No. 41 Peter Withers

£10 No. 84 Jodie Woolhouse

£10 No. 104 Adam Rudnick

£10 No. 57 Mandy Larcombe

£10 No. 81 Paul Flitton


£10 No. 62 Stuart Young

£10 No. 41 Peter Withers

£10 No. 21 Sylvia Brown

£10 No. 6 Mandy Hancock


£10 No. 8 Audrey Lewis

£10 No. 67 Steve Hatherall

£10 No. 66 Alan McElroy

£10 No. 74 Lionel Cave-Ayland

Congratulations to the above winners!