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Advertiser – School makes pleas for help after thefts

Swindon Advertiser ran an article (complete with picture) this weekend regarding the theft last week from South Marston School:

A PRIMARY school has called on the community to be its eyes and ears after thieves stole both of its lightning conductors.

Staff at South Marston C of E School were dismayed on Wednesday after finding the school had been targeted overnight. The thieves smashed security lights and used cutters to gain access to the conductors before ripping off the metal. The school prides itself on being a part of the village and has never needed security fencing or CCTV cameras.

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South Marston C of E School News – April 2011

We have once again been very busy this term!

The week beginning the 28 February was our book week and the children really enjoyed the religious storyteller as well as visits from parents and members of the local community who generously gave up their time to come and share their favourite books and love of reading with the children. A great big thank you to all those who took part! Continue reading South Marston C of E School News – April 2011

Advertiser – Children learn about history of ‘Hammerman poet’

Swindon Advertiser ran the following article regarding Monday’s Victorian Day at South Marston School

Pupils at South Marston Primary School dressed as Victorians for the day to learn more about South Marston writer Alfred WIlliams, also known as the Hammerman Poet, who attended their school in the 1880s.

As part of their history study, the children read poems, researched his life, and walked around the village to see his home and the cottages he built.

Headteacher Alison Lowe said the children had been very enthusiastic.  “It’s important that they have an understanding of local history and also the very first stages of the school,” she said.  “It’s that sense of local pride and community. Some of them did some research themselves and this morning in assembly some of them already knew a bit about him. The parents have been fantastic at getting all the children dressed up for today.

The children took part in a Victorian-style lesson using slates and chalk, and played hopscotch and hoopla. Caitlin Pritchard, eight, and Andrew Sampson, eight, both said they enjoyed learning about the writer.

We went on a walk to see where he lived,” said Caitlin. “We got to see the houses and we saw the little stone on the wall. It was interesting to see when they were built and when he lived there.

Katie Mann, seven, said: “I liked the poetry best because it was really fun. I might try and write some poems.

Some of the pupils, including nine-year-olds Emily Vareth and Maya O’Sullivan will make a presentation about the poet at the Steam museum on November 13. Emily said: “We’re a bit nervous. I have to talk and do some drama. I’ve really enjoyed learning about him.

Members of the Alfred Williams Heritage Society visited the school to help the children learn about the writer. Graham Carter, vice-chairman, said: “The pupils hadn’t heard of him before, which is not unusual because most people haven’t yet. He was quite famous in his time. The children were quite excited that somebody famous went to their school,” he said. “They have seen all the cottages before but didn’t realise there was any significance. He’s got an interesting life story, he’s my local hero.

The local history fair, which includes an exhibition on Alfred Williams, will be at Great Western Hall, Steam, on Saturday, November 13, from 10am until 4pm.

There will also be a musical show about the writer at 7.30pm. To reserve tickets email tickets@alfredwilliams.org.uk or visit www.alfredwilliams.org.uk.

The full article is available here.

Swindon Advertiser – Virtual Lesson beats the icy blast – Updated

UPDATE: Mrs Plested is being interviewed live on BBC Wiltshire radio at 5.15 on Thurs 14th Jan 2010, about virtual lessons conducted when the school was closed. It’s on 103.5FM,104.3FM and DAB.

Swindon Advertiser recently published the following article about South Marston Primary School

MODERN technology in Swindon could soon put an end to education-free days during school closures.

On Thursday a number of children at South Marston Primary School took part in an innovative home lesson via the wonders of the internet – complete with a teacher, an in-home science experiment and a question and answer period. Continue reading Swindon Advertiser – Virtual Lesson beats the icy blast – Updated