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Village Expansion Update (revised) – August 2011

Following the village consultation exercise in May, which generally endorsed the principles for development proposed by the Parish Council Expansion Working Group, there have been further meetings with Swindon Borough Council and an initial meeting with the developers.
The timetable for the South Marston supplementary planning document has been put back three months due to the number of responses received by Swindon Borough Council to the draft Core Strategy and we hope to consult further with the village by November.
We are discussing options, locations and costings with SBC’s Education Department for the school and with the Highways Department regarding the proposed development at Rowborough, access onto the A420, Pound Corner and minimising through-traffic.
The developers say that their vision for the expansion of the village is not far apart from ours and we are to have more detailed discussions with them.
We are also meeting again with the Environment Agency to address flooding issues.

The Working Party will consult with villagers on options for expansion before the village SPD is drawn up by SBC.  The government’s localism agenda may support our influence, but its policy of promoting economic growth by building more houses supports the developers.

We will continue to keep everyone informed on future developments.
South Marston Parish Council

Advertiser – Enormous reaction to town plan

Swindon Advertiser yesterday ran an article about the responses received to the new Core Strategy:

A MASTERPLAN for the expansion of Swindon has sparked an unprecedented reaction.

The number of individual responses to the council’s Core Strategy has been counted by the council — and amounts to about 1,400.

The figure is a new record and the council has said it will amend the strategy to take account of residents’ feelings.

But is has also been issued with a stark warning — listen to the people or else.

Among those who responded to the consultation was Steph Exell, membership secretary of the Oakhurst Residents’ Association. The 49-year-old former councillor, of Southwold Close, gasped when told of the full scale of the responses.

She had submitted a 22-page critique of Core Strategy’s plans for 1,700 homes at nearby Tadpole Farm.

“The Core Strategy is still not set in stone,” she said. “It hasn’t been approved by the council or the planning inspector, and I’m hoping Tadpole Farm will disappear. It’s not a sustainable site, and I hope the planning inspector will see that.

“I think what this shows is democracy is alive and kicking. We’re ready to fight. Bring it on. We’ll fight tooth and nail. They’re going to have, all over Swindon, so many communities who are angry and feel let down by the Conservative administration.

“They are going to find themselves in a bit of trouble at the ballot box if they are not listening to the community. They should be afraid for their votes.”

The Core Strategy is a blueprint for where Swindon’s new homes and infrastructure will be built between now and 2026.

In the east of the town, residents have been objecting to the Core Strategy’s plans for hundreds of homes around South Marston. Stuart Young, 52, of Manor Meadows, is part of a village working party on the issue.

“We’re particularly concerned about the impact of any development on flooding. We had major floods in the last few years.”

In a statement, the council said: “We are currently analysing the comments that have been made.

“We have received about 1,400 comments on the Core Strategy and we will be making changes to the strategy based on those comments. We will then go out for a further consultation on those changes towards the end of the year and the revised Core Strategy will then be submitted for independent examination early next year.”

It then added: “It would be fair to say it is the most responses we have received for a consultation of this scale.”

Swindon Core Strategy Flyer – Village Meeting Dates


Venue: Village Hall


Saturday 21st May 10 am

Tuesday 24th May 8 pm (following the Annual Parish Meeting at 7.30 pm)

Thursday 26th May 1.45 pm

What are the issues?:

  • number of houses to be built in the village
  • through-traffic
  • flooding
  • social/council houses
  • 2,000 houses by Nightingale Wood
  • wind turbines

The recent Borough Council Core Strategy Exhibition in the Village Hall generated significant interest and a lot of strong feedback on the scale of development. A Village Development Working Group has been meeting regularly and liaising with the Parish Council to draft a response to the Core Strategy.

The Working Group wishes to provide villagers with the opportunity to explore that feedback and discuss the different courses of action open to us. Even if you have been to previous meetings, we now want villagers to help decide the best solution for South Marston’s future.

To reach as many residents as possible, we are running a series of three identical meetings at different dates and times of the day and hope you will be able to come to one of them.

Each meeting will last less than 1½ hours with a presentation by a member of the Working Group, followed by a question and answer session. A questionnaire will be available and this will provide important evidence to both the Working Party and the Parish Council.

The meetings will also help residents with their own individual responses to the Core Strategy. Please note the deadline for submitting responses to Swindon Borough has been extended from the 19th May to the 16th June.

Parish Council Update – May 2011

Swindon Borough Council Core Strategy Presentation in the Village Hall

On 12 April, Swindon Borough Council held their Roadshow on the Core Strategy and gave some indications about their thoughts on the expansion of the village.

The village expansion working party also put on a display of some of their work.

Over 130 villagers attended. Many were kind enough to complete a questionnaire about the proposals and raised several points of their own. Of the 100 questionnaires given out, some 60% have so far been returned.

The village expansion working party are analysing the completed questionnaires and are also trying to obtain from Swindon Borough Planners, the answers to some of the questions and concerns raised by villagers.

Once this work has been completed, it is the intention of the village expansion working party to invite villagers to another meeting to hear the results of the questionnaires and to discuss the implications of these and some of the other points raised in greater detail. It is hoped that this can be arranged during May 2011.

Because it is not always convenient for villagers to attend on an evening, it is hoped to run the feed back meetings at different times of the day and on different days of the week in order to allow as great a participation of villagers as possible. When these meetings have been finalised, we will deliver a leaflet through your door giving you the detailed arrangements. We hope you will all continue to attend these meeting, as your views are important.

Flooding Photographs

The Parish Council would be grateful if anyone with photographs of flooding in the proposed building area could get in touch. Either email your pictures to the Parish Clerk at clerksmpc@aol.com or drop pictures in to any Parish Councillor. Thank you.

Annual Meeting of the Parish Council

The Annual Meeting of the Parish Council is scheduled to be held on Tuesday 24th

May at 7.30pm in the Village Hall. An agenda will be published prior to the meeting on the village website and on village noticeboards.

Wiltshire Wildlife Trust

The woodland at the back of St. Julian’s Close is currently being managed by the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust as a village facility. The Wiltshire Wildlife Trust have been working with the local Primary School to design a bench and seating around a woodland theme. A local artist has been commissioned to make the bench. The artwork will be unveiled on July 14th.

For further information please contact Neil Pullen, Swindon Wildlife Officer on neilp@wiltshirewildlife.org

Swindon Borough Council – Core Strategy Presentation in the Village Hall

On 12 April, Swindon Borough Council held their Roadshow on the Core Strategy and gave some indications about their thoughts on the expansion of the village. The village expansion working party also put on a display of some of their work.

Over 130 villagers attended. Many were kind enough to complete a questionnaire about the proposals and raised several points of their own. Of the 100 questionnaires given out, some 60% have so far been returned.

The village expansion working party are analysing the completed questionnaires and are also trying to obtain from Swindon Borough Planners, the answers to some of the questions and concerns raised by villagers.

Once this work has been completed, it is the intention of the village expansion working party to invite villagers to another meeting to hear the results of the questionnaires and to discuss the implications of these and some of the other points raised in greater detail. It is hoped that this can be arranged during May 2011.

Because it is not always convenient for villagers to attend on an evening meeting it is hoped to run the feed back meetings at different times of the day and on different days of the week in order to allow as great a participation of villagers as possible. When these meetings have been finalised, we will deliver a leaflet through your door giving you the detailed arrangements. We hope you will all continue to attend these meeting, as your views are important.

The village expansion working party can be contacted via the Parish Clerk, Gemma Cheal on 01793 820529 or via email on Clerksmpc@Aol.Com

What will South Marston look like in 2015?

Swindon Borough Council are holding an exhibition that sets out their vision for the Borough for the next 20 years. The draft of the “Core Strategy” covers subjects important to all of us, such as :-

  • The expansion of South Marston
  • 2000 new homes next to Nightingale Wood
  • Traffic plans and relief roads
  • A major shopping and office centre South of the A420
  • New Schools
  • Flooding issues
  • Potential sites for wind turbines.


We should comment as individuals and as a village.

Come along to the Village Hall between 5pm and 9pm on Tuesday April 12th and talk to Swindon Planners and members of the South Marston Working Party

Advertiser – 7,500 homes? No, Thank You

Swindon Advertiser ran the following article, which describes some of the comments which came out of Mondays meeting at Wanborough regarding Swindons Core Strategy.

SWINDON Council has unveiled its blueprint for 7,500 homes and an industrial park in the east of Swindon, part of the Eastern Villages plan. Continue reading Advertiser – 7,500 homes? No, Thank You

Parish Council News – April 2011

Village Expansion

Swindon Council Road Show – 12th April

Swindon Borough Council have published the revised draft Core Strategy that will govern the expansion of the town to 2026 and beyond. It includes an amended Eastern Development area plan and specific outline plans for the expansion of South Marston. Responses are required by 24th May.

They will be holding a Road Show in the village hall between 5 and 9 pm on the 12th April. Some issues are proving more controversial than we expected.  Continue reading Parish Council News – April 2011

Swindon Development Core Strategy

The re-written plans for Swindon’s development to 2026 have been attached to the agenda for the Cabinet meeting due to take place on 19th January. This can be found at:


If adopted in principle then it will be written up and published for formal Public Consultation in March, beginning a process that will complete in Spring 2012.

This revised document takes a generally more pragmatic approach to the town’s expansion, with the overall rate of expansion being reduced to 850 new houses a year initially. The Eastern Expansion Area (EDA) is retained, but with less pressure on numbers.

South Marston and Rowborough remain targeted as 2 of 5 proposed villages in the EDA. There is an extended section on the development of South Marston, to include an emphasis on community involvement through the Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) that the village is already working on.

The Parish Council meets on the 18th when we will look to set a date for a village meeting to consider how the draft Core Strategy proposals impact on our thinking and approach to the SPD.

Colin McEwen

Advertiser: Council to discuss 19,000 homes for town

Swindon Advertiser today ran an article on the Councils upcoming discussions on its development core strategy:

THE dramatically changing shape of the town, which could lead to 19,000 homes being built in 15 years is up for discussion.

As reported in the Adver Swindon Council’s re-drafted Core Strategy, which will go before councillors tomorrow night (Thursday), planners have reduced the previous target of 37,200 houses to be built by 2026.

But behind the headline figures many existing residents have raised concerns over infrastructure, schooling and health provision among others.

By far the biggest development will be to the east – with 7,500 homes spread across three or four ‘villages’ to the east of the A419 – even though it has been significantly scaled back from 12,000 in the Core Strategy.

Coun Peter Greenhalgh, cabinet member for sustainability, strategic planning, property and transport, said the village concept was a way of ensuring minimum impact on existing parts of east Swindon, such as Stratton, Covingham and South Marston.

“It’s about helping people get a sense of belonging to a place,” he said. “Rather than having a contrived patch of housing it’s allowing people the opportunity to live in an area that has distinct boundaries.

“We still want the green corridor bridging the A419 but we have also got to look at how to strengthen links with these new communities and Swindon without impacting on existing residents.

“ Planning law means we have to put time frame but it is not a race to the end – if it takes 30 or 40 years fine but it has to be done right.”

Dave Potter, the council’s director of planning, said: “This is the council planning again as it did in the ’70s.

“It started with the urban village concept in West Swindon and the eastern extension will develop that concept.”

To prevent the new developments to the east being left out in the cold the Core Strategy outlines a plan for a learning campus and a ‘gateway to the east’ at White Hart to relieve traffic pressures.

There is also talk of a road link to Commonhead, the site of another new development of 900 houses between Day House Lane and the Great Western Hospital.

Controversy surrounds the ‘Commonhead’ proposal because of its proximity to Coate Water but Coun Greenhalgh (Con, Freshbrook and Grange Park) said: “The development isn’t around Coate Water, it is around the hospital site.

“I believe, as part of the application, monies will be paid for improvement actually at Coate Water itself and we would also be seeking that land directly around Coate Water is preserved for future generations.”

To the west, locals have been up in arms against plans to develop fields at Hook Street, near Lydiard Park, and also Wiltshire land to the north of Peatmoor.

Coun Greenhalgh said the west could not absorb any more housebuilding projects but admitted Wiltshire Council’s lack of a planning strategy was a concern.

“West Swindon could not swallow another 600 or 700 houses let alone what is being proposed. Wiltshire’s Core Strategy will not be ready until 2012 and that is a personal concern – I would like to be working with them as partners.”