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MP wants town’s green areas saved – Swindon Advertiser

Swindon advertiser ran an article today regarding Swindon MP, Robert Buckland’s views on the EDA proposals.

Mr Buckland, in his first speech to Parliament, said further development was inevitable in a town that had “grown over the years and reinvented itself to quite brilliant effect” – but stressed it had to be sustainable.

He added: “I therefore welcome a change to the planning regime, so that my town can survive, thrive and prosper in the years ahead.

Mr Buckland explained later that he was unhappy with “unsustainable” proposals to build homes in the eastern development area to the east of A419, near South Marston, and said he would be calling on Swindon Council to “look again” at figures on housing need that were generated in an economic boom and were now “out of date”. Similarly, he would ask Wiltshire Council to “rethink” development plans to the west of Swindon.

The full article is available from here.

Resident’s Fury over 12,000 homes plan

Logo for 'This is Wiltshire'This is Wiltshire, has published the following article regarding the latest public meeting regarding the EDA.

People opposed to plans to build 12,000 homes to the east of Swindon believe their views are being ignored.

They claimed at a meeting to discuss the Eastern Development Area that local objections will have no weight and that those in power have not taken into account the implications on the infrastructure of Swindon.

Residents joined councillors in calling for greater self-determination and power over planning decisions at local level.
Continue reading Resident’s Fury over 12,000 homes plan

NEW Masterplanning – Initial Workbook of Plans

South Marston Parish Council appointed NEW Masterplanning to assist in the preparation of a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) for South Marston.

Working with the South Marston community and Swindon Borough Council, the SPD aims to  establish an agreed strategy for the village that responds to the unique development pressures it is facing. Continue reading NEW Masterplanning – Initial Workbook of Plans

Swindon Advertiser – Houses’ protest grows bigger

Swindon Advertiser reports the latest news about the East Swindon Communities Group, and the Eastern Development Area.

CAMPAIGNERS against development to the east and west of Swindon – totalling 15,000 homes, have joined forces to call for more robust safeguards.

They have called for Swindon Council to set in stone requirements for roads, schools and other facilities to be in place before a single house is built. Continue reading Swindon Advertiser – Houses’ protest grows bigger

Residents’ fears about 12,000 homes

Members of a close-knit community have expressed fears about the repercussions of building 12,000 homes just east of the A419.

The comments came at a meeting at Covingham Park Primary School where more than 50 people gathered to discuss the Government’s Eastern Development Area (EDA).

Covingham residents said their greatest concerns included an increase in flooding, traffic, crime and the loss of an area of outstanding beauty.

EDA homes are to be built north and south of the A420 in Covingham, Wanborough and South Marston on 300 hectares of land.

The area has been identified by the Government’s Regional Spatial Strategy to help Swindon meet targets for new homes over the next 20 years.

Outgoing North Swindon MP Michael Wills, who organised the meeting, in order to bring members of the community together, and to stir discussion, said he was neither opposed nor for the development.

Mr Wills said he hoped to organise another meeting, along with Covingham Parish Council, in January with professional and independent planners to help guide residents through the EDA’s plans.

The above was extracted from Swindon Advertiser. Click for the original article.

Latest on the planned housing development – Updated

Note: This article has been significantly updated since the original posting

Since a meeting on 15 October in the village hall, I have become aware of the strength of feeling in the village about the plans to build 12,000 houses in the Eastern Development Area to the South of the village.. Many residents here, and in other parishes affected by the proposals, want to oppose the development. They are surprised that the South Marston parish council is continuing to work with the planners to modify the proposals to bring them more in line with the village strategy, which so many of you helped to create in 2007. Continue reading Latest on the planned housing development – Updated

Making South Marston a great place to live

Making South Marston a Great Place to Live


You will recall that the replies the questionaire and public meeting in 2006 accepted that development at South Marston was inevitable and, to some extent desirable. They authorised the Parish Council to change its policy and seek to influence development rather than simply oppose it. We facilitated the preparation of the Village Plan that was submitted to Swindon Borough Council (Swindon) in 2007. That Plan implied a growth of about 300 homes to the South of the village.

At that stage Swindon had indicated to the Regional Authority that it would accept grpwth of 32,000 houses in the period to 2026, many of which were allocated to the Eastern Development Area (EDA), which lies between the village and Commonhead. In fact the Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS) requires the Borough to take 36,000. Continue reading Making South Marston a great place to live