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Swindon Core Strategy Flyer – Village Meeting Dates


Venue: Village Hall


Saturday 21st May 10 am

Tuesday 24th May 8 pm (following the Annual Parish Meeting at 7.30 pm)

Thursday 26th May 1.45 pm

What are the issues?:

  • number of houses to be built in the village
  • through-traffic
  • flooding
  • social/council houses
  • 2,000 houses by Nightingale Wood
  • wind turbines

The recent Borough Council Core Strategy Exhibition in the Village Hall generated significant interest and a lot of strong feedback on the scale of development. A Village Development Working Group has been meeting regularly and liaising with the Parish Council to draft a response to the Core Strategy.

The Working Group wishes to provide villagers with the opportunity to explore that feedback and discuss the different courses of action open to us. Even if you have been to previous meetings, we now want villagers to help decide the best solution for South Marston’s future.

To reach as many residents as possible, we are running a series of three identical meetings at different dates and times of the day and hope you will be able to come to one of them.

Each meeting will last less than 1½ hours with a presentation by a member of the Working Group, followed by a question and answer session. A questionnaire will be available and this will provide important evidence to both the Working Party and the Parish Council.

The meetings will also help residents with their own individual responses to the Core Strategy. Please note the deadline for submitting responses to Swindon Borough has been extended from the 19th May to the 16th June.

Advertiser – 7,500 homes? No, Thank You

Swindon Advertiser ran the following article, which describes some of the comments which came out of Mondays meeting at Wanborough regarding Swindons Core Strategy.

SWINDON Council has unveiled its blueprint for 7,500 homes and an industrial park in the east of Swindon, part of the Eastern Villages plan. Continue reading Advertiser – 7,500 homes? No, Thank You

South Marston Transport Report and Study

The initial Traffic Study prepared for Swindon Borough Council showing the proposed changes to deal with South Marston’s traffic problems and the proposals to cope with the traffic increase anticipated with the Eastern Development Area, together with the notes of Sam Howell’s presentation have been released and can be accessed here.

JMP EDA Transport Study South Marston Transport Report Part 2 South Marston Transport Report

Note: the lines on the maps are indicative and for transport modelling purposes only.
The adjourned meeting of the working party will be held in the village hall on Thursday at 7.30 to consider our response to this and also to develop the topics to be discussed by the future Working Party meetings,that are to be displayed at the Core Strategy Road show on the 12th April.

Parish Council News – March 2011

Application to Register the Playing Field as a Village Green

Approximately 30 villagers attended the meeting of the Parish Council on Tuesday 15th February to share views and ask the Parish Council questions during the open 10 minutes. Later in the evening, the Parish Council voted not to oppose the application to register the playing field as a village green.

Village Expansion

Over 30 people attended a meeting on 7th February that considered the preliminary draft of Swindon’s Core Strategy as it affects the village. Frustration was expressed that the promised Traffic Study and recommendations for the EDA being prepared by Swindon were not available. It was agreed to meet again once this was produced with the aim of preparing for a full village meeting.

Parish Council Community Funding

The Parish Council currently have limited funds available. Support may be given in certain circumstances for the village to seed community events and to help village groups to become established.

If you are interested, please make requests in writing to the Parish Council and send to the Clerk, Gemma Cheal at 75 Stratton Road, Lower Stratton, Swindon SN1 2PN or email clerksmpc@aol.com

For further information, please telephone the Clerk on: 01793 820529


Swindon’s Expansion Strategy and South Marston

Swindon Borough Council’s planners are putting the finishing touches to a re-written Core Strategy that will set out the planned growth for the borough to 2026.

It is expected that growth projections will be significantly reduced from those imposed by the previous government’s plans and that the more expensive options for the Eastern Development Area will be shelved.

Villagers will recall that expansion of South Marston village was part of the previous draft Core Strategy and this has not altered. As before, the Parish Council were not consulted on this question.

What we have been consulted on are the terms of the development . I am pleased to say that the principle that the village should have a major say in the design of what is built has been incorporated into the draft Core Strategy.

This principle is founded on the relationship that the village has developed with the Borough Planners both on a personal level and, more importantly, the engagement in the process of you, the villagers.

It also ties in with David Cameron’s ‘Big Society’ and the Localism Bill that the government published just before Christmas.

The draft Core Strategy is due to be presented to the Swindon Planning Committee on the 19th January. It will be viewable on the SBC website a week or so prior to this.

After acceptance by the SBC Planning Committee the finishing touches and any amendments will be incorporated in the draft for presentation to the SBC Cabinet in March and then it will be published for Public Consultation, whereafter the comments will be analysed and the draft amended, and in all probability go through another consultation process before being finally adopted some time in 2012.

All of which is screamingly tedious, particularly as this is the second time around!!!

The Core Strategy is the ‘mother’ document for our village plan, which therefore cannot get ahead of this timetable in terms of formal adoption. On the other hand, as previously reported, the developers who own and control the EDA land, to include that adjoining the village, have held a preliminary meeting with the SBC planners. If we step back from engagement we can expect to lose the position of influence that we currently enjoy.

One interesting possibility is this becoming a Vanguard Scheme under the Localism agenda. See the Neighbourhood Planning Vanguard website

Many uncertainties remain. We propose calling a full village meeting to review the apparent options for us to take the village design forward as soon as the draft Core Strategy becomes available.

Colin McEwen

Chair South Marston Parish Council

Village Expansion: Your chance to influence the Background Documents – Postponed

Note: Meeting on 23rd November @ 7:30 in the Village Hall

Meeting postponed. Revised date: TBD Continue reading Village Expansion: Your chance to influence the Background Documents – Postponed

Village Development Workshop Summary Results

Results of the Village Development Workshop – 15th September 2010

Over 50 South Marston residents attended a workshop at the South Marston Hotel on 15th September with the aim of identifying some of the infrastructure and design features and facilities that they would like to see incorporated into the village development.  It is intended that these ideas will be submitted by the village for Swindon Borough Council to incorporate into the South Marston Supplementary Planning Document (SPD).

In some areas the views of the village were very clear but further discussion is required in others.  Issues on which the attendees had a clear preference included:

  • Mains sewerage for all new and existing properties
  • Eco-friendly design of all new buildings
  • Housing specifically designed for elderly people
  • Community shop, with Post Office delivery/collection service
  • Retention of current recreation ground and its expansion in the village central area
  • Daytime bus service through the village centre
  • Safe pathway/cycleway between village and Gablecross

Areas which required further consideration included:

  • School
  • Provision of housing as live/work units
  • Village Hall and medical facilities
  • Footpaths
  • Traffic management (noting that problems of speed and volume of traffic could not resolved by footpaths and crossing points alone)

There was concern that a ‘wish list’ of facilities may drive the design of the village and therefore it was important that the list was prioritised – many residents would prefer to sacrifice some facilities for fewer houses.

A discussion of ‘Piecemeal’ development (which may start out small but increase in size over a number of years in an uncontrolled manner) versus ‘Integrated’ development (where a final design is agreed at the outset, thus preventing additional development in the medium to long term) also took place.  Although there was a preference for ‘Integrated’ development, many people were still undecided and need further information before deciding.

The Parish Council are now considering the next steps, with the aim of developing the village’s input to Swindon Borough Council’s Supplementary Planning Document for South Marston.

Detailed results of the workshop are available from the Clerk to the Parish Council or the South Marston website (www.southmarston.org.uk).

Village Workshop Summary Results

Parish Council Update – Village Development Sept 2010

The change to government policy may mean that local authorities get more say in how much development takes place in their area, but it does not mean that the pressure to build more houses has gone away.

So far as South Marston is concerned, this probably results in us having more influence over what is built and removes us from the straight jacket of the Eastern Development Area numbers. Having said this, most of the land to the immediate South of the village is under option to developers, who have paid good money for first refusal to buy the land for development if planning permission is granted.

Therefore both they and the landowners are keen to make a profit by obtaining permission to build. It is still Swindon’s policy to expand and this area has already been earmarked. We cannot sit back and hope that nothing will happen. We would like to thank all those who came to the ‘Place Making’ meetings organised by NEW Master Planning in May.

The Parish Council are hosting another meeting in a similar format particularly designed to pick up on the work done in the first of those meetings, add to it and develop more concrete plans to carry forward to the Borough and developers.

Date: 15th September

Time: 7.15 for 7.30

Venue: South Marston Hotel.

All are welcome, and it would be helpful if you had considered the new material on the website here, or contact our Clerk on 01793 820529.