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Swindon Advertiser – Houses’ protest grows bigger

Swindon Advertiser reports the latest news about the East Swindon Communities Group, and the Eastern Development Area.

CAMPAIGNERS against development to the east and west of Swindon – totalling 15,000 homes, have joined forces to call for more robust safeguards.

They have called for Swindon Council to set in stone requirements for roads, schools and other facilities to be in place before a single house is built. Continue reading Swindon Advertiser – Houses’ protest grows bigger

Letter from Rod Bluh to ESCG – 14 Oct 2009

The letter reproduced below was sent from Rod Bluh, Leader of Swindon Borough Council, to Gary Sumner of the Eastern Swindon Communities Group.

It aims to clarify the councils position regarding the EDA, in light of recent articles in Swindon Advertiser.

Latest on the planned housing development – Updated

Note: This article has been significantly updated since the original posting

Since a meeting on 15 October in the village hall, I have become aware of the strength of feeling in the village about the plans to build 12,000 houses in the Eastern Development Area to the South of the village.. Many residents here, and in other parishes affected by the proposals, want to oppose the development. They are surprised that the South Marston parish council is continuing to work with the planners to modify the proposals to bring them more in line with the village strategy, which so many of you helped to create in 2007. Continue reading Latest on the planned housing development – Updated