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Friendly Club – Feb 2012

English: Punch and Judy Taken on Esplanade

Recent Events

Tuesday 14th February – a talk was given by Alix Booth on “The history of Punch and Judy” It proved to be a very entertaining talk going through the history of how Punch started and its development throughout the centuries. It was influenced by the way the people lived and the political scene. The more violent interpretations of the earlier years and its replication in shows have been toned down to suit present day attitudes. In her show performance Alix has new puppets of modern day government politicians to slant the content too current times.

Future Events

Tuesday 13th March, 2.00pm, Village Hall.

A talk will be given by Col (Paddy) Vernon on “A Debt of Honour” which tells the story of the Gurkha’s and the work of the Gurkha Welfare Trust. This is a change to the previously listed talk due to speaker cancellation.

Tuesday 10th April, 2.00pm, Village Hall.

A talk will be given by Dorothy Baker on “The Tulip Trail”