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Village Development update – March 2010

Village Transport Report
The Borough’s consultants, JMP Ltd, have produced a comprehensive report identifying the existing traffic related problems in the village and providing options for dealing with lack of footpaths at Pound Corner and Thornhill Rd and for dealing with traffic speed issues. The report does NOT deal with traffic issues that would come from an expanded village under the Eastern Development Area (EDA) as this would be dealt with when details of any expansion plans were known. It concentrates on improving pedestrian access & safety rather than improving traffic flow.
The report has to be presented to the Borough before it is made available to the public. Once this has been done it will be made available via the website.
It is planned to hold a meeting of the Village Development Working Party early in April to discuss the implications of the Transport Report and comments from the Parish Council’s consultants, NEWMasterplanning. A series of mini workshops, seeking the views of members of the various village organisations,
will take place in April & May and a full workshop, open to all residents will take place in late May.