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South Marston School News – April 2012

On Friday 3rd March the MP for North Swindon, Justin Tomlinson came to visit. The school council met with Justin and spoke about the school and the improvements and projects they are working on at the moment. He asked them about the election process they had been through and spoke to them about his election experiences. Justin was very impressed with our children and with the tea and cakes! In fact he stayed longer than was planned in order to have a delicious school lunch. More can be seen about his time with us on his website.

Our School Eco team have been very busy organising a campaign to support ‘reduce waste week’. This involved running an experiment by collecting all of the rubbish from lunchboxes each day, taking out what can be recycled or composted and then weighing the remainder of the rubbish. There is usually very little waste which the children take home and so we already are very Eco friendly but we wanted to see how we could do even better! As a reward for all children, Niall Tucker entered our school into a competition and won a ‘trash pack’ for everyone. This consisted of a little plastic trash can and a ‘bug’ toy inside.

On Saturday 2nd June the School will be taking part in the village Jubilee celebrations. The street party and entertainment will run from 2pm until 4pm and promises to be great fun for all the family, with everyone being encouraged to bring their own picnic to share.

The School will be contributing towards the entertainment and are also running a royal fancy dress competition for all the children on the day, encouraging them to come dressed as their favourite member of the Royal Family past or present. We look forward to seeing you there!


Email from MP Justin Tomlinson regarding the South Marston Hotel Development

In response to the article about his visit to the South Marston Hotel Development, MP Justin Tomlinson was asked to clarify his position on the development.

From: TOMLINSON, Justin <justin.tomlinson.mp@parliament.uk>

Date: 30 November 2010 21:35

Subject: RE: South Marston

To: Colin McEwen <ChairSMPC@southmarston.org.uk>

Having been invited to view a brief presentation on a potential development adjacent to the South Marston Hotel, I am very happy to set out my thoughts.

I firmly support Conservative plans to devolve planning decisions to local communities. It should be for you, and you alone as the local community to judge as to whether any proposed development is appropriate. As a former Borough Councillor for the Abbey Meads ward for 10 years, I have seen firsthand just how important it is for local residents to shape local development. Therefore it is essential that I clarify, my comments related to the type of proposed development, with regards that we as a town are short of high quality housing. The location of any potential development is not for me to judge, but that of local residents.

In my role as the local MP, I have raised these issues in Parliament on a number of occasions, including proposals to change the law to strengthen the hand of local residents and communities.

I have support the principle of new housing, whilst there is local demand, but it should always be on the basis of appropriate, high quality developments.

It is for you as the local residents to decide whether any proposed development at the South Marston Hotel, is, or isn’t appropriate.

Justin Tomlinson

North Swindon Conservative MP

Please visit my website to see how I am representing you: www.justintomlinson.com

North Swindon covers: Abbey Meads, Blunsdon, Covingham & Nythe, Gorse Hill & Pinehurst, Haydon Wick, Highworth, Moredon, Penhill, St Philip, Stratton St. Margaret and Western wards.

Advertiser – MP visits South Marston Hotel development

Swindon Advertiser, posted an article on its Your Neighbourhood Blog:

Justin Tomlinson, MP for North Swindon was invited to a presentation at the South Marston Hotel.

The owner of the South Marston Hotel, who has recently been granted planning permission to extend the hotel by 40 bedrooms, also wishes to develop a piece of land off Manor Farm Lane, in South Marston, the revenue from this luxury housing development would be re-invested in the hotel and village. Continue reading Advertiser – MP visits South Marston Hotel development

Swindon Advertiser – Turbulence over Wind Farm plans

Swindon Advertiser today published an article about South Marston Parish Council’s decision to oppose Honda and Ecotricity‘s Wind Turbine development:

THE battle over the installation of three new turbines at Honda’s Swindon plant took a new twist last week as a parish council voiced its objections to the plan.

South Marston Parish Council unanimously agreed at a meeting last Tuesday to oppose the proposal for three 120m-high wind turbines, to be situated several hundred metres from residential housing.

It follows a decision by Stratton St Margaret Parish Council to support the plan after a brief representation from South Marston campaign group Ill Wind.

Stuart Young, the vice-chairman of the parish council, said: “Although supportive of the concept of renewable energy generation, we wanted to ensure that we understood the rationale behind this application and the arguments for and against.

“Consequently, we have attended a number of meetings with concerned villagers, including a large public event that attracted more than 125 people, as well as visiting the proposed sites at Honda.

“We have also conducted our own independent research on the Internet.”

“We will also be asking that the parish council is given the opportunity to speak at the Swindon Borough Council planning meeting.”

Neil Burchell, the chairman of Ill Wind, said: “I’m very pleased that the parish council took the time and the attention to review the application in detail and assess the impact.

“They certainly listened to the views of the residents.”

Representatives from the group, South Marston Parish Council and Swindon North MP Justin Tomlinson met those from Honda and wind energy firm Ecotricity last Thursday to discuss the turbines.

Sam Tipper, the head of corporate communications at Honda, said: “Together with Ecotricity, Honda of the UK Manufacturing has spent a number of months conducting detailed environmental studies as part of the planning process for the installation of three wind turbines at the Swindon plant.

“In June, we started the most important part of the proposal: Sharing our plans with the local community.

“We welcome any feedback from local residents during this planning application period.

“We have always been open and worked with the local community and would welcome them at Honda at any time.

“It is important to us that we are always open with the residents.”

Justin Tomlinson said: “They were extremely open and transparent and it was a very productive meeting.

“There were a lot of technical questions and a lot of technical answers that came back.

“It was not a meeting where either side was expecting an agreement but it was positive and the residents used the opportunity to voice their understandable concerns.”

Swindon Advertiser: Residents in spin about turbines

On 30th July, Swindon Advertiser ran the following article about the Emergency Village Meeting regarding Honda’s proposed Wind Turbines:

AROUND 100 residents attended an emergency meeting to voice their opinions on Honda’s plans for three 120m wind turbines at their east Swindon site last night.

Ad hoc protest group Ill Wind called upon residents in Stratton and South Marston to raise objections before the consultation period ends on August 13 at a meeting at the South Marston Hotel.

Honda, in conjunction with green energy firm Ecotricity, are looking to follow several other buisness in using green energy to power its plant, including the Green Park in Reading. The three turbines combined would produce enough electricity to power 5,300 homes a year, an Ecotricity spokesman said.

Residents’ main concerns centred around noise levels, ‘shadow flicker’ and the height of the turbines. Ill Wind displayed flicker and noise maps, provided by Ecotricity, for residents to look at.

Neil Burchell, chair of the campaign, said the group wanted to inform people about the facts surrounding wind farms and wanted residents to make up their own minds.

What we want to do is to share with the villagers some of the concerns that have been raised,” he said.

We know we need new ways of powering our homes and wind farms are clearly part of that but we do feel they need to be in the right place.

“I don’t think we can be accused of being those who say ‘not in my back yard’ – we have two industrial estates and a dual carriageway nearby.

Mr Burchell said he had invited a representative of Ecotricity to the meeting but they had declined.

But he said he was hoping North Swindon MP Justin Tomlinson and a representative form Ecotricity could attend a working group meeting next Thursday.

Ann Ensure, of Rural England, said residents needed to write to the council to appeal for more time.

We want an extension of timing to allow parish councils and working groups to tap into specialists who can look at this properly.”

Chris Bowdidge, 40, of South Marston said his main concern was for public health, particularly low frequency sound and vibrations.

There is a concern about low frequency sound waves which don’t seem to have had any recognition and can cause lung and heart problems.

Jill Hopes, 72, of Stratton, said she agreed with green energy but not with the proximity of the turbines.

She said: “I don’t want to oppose it or protest because I believe we need green energy but the size and distance of them is quite frightening.

A spokesperson for Ecotricity told the Adver on Wednesday: “Throughout the development, Ecotricity and Honda have been available to answer any questions and all queries received to date have been answered personally.”