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Church News – Nov 2011

High Five:

The High Five service for children up to 5 years meets again on TUESDAY 8th November at 10am We would love to see you there!

‘Craft Company’:

This month we meet again at Dryden House, Mary Cooper’s home on Wednesday 9th November at 2pm. More details please contact Vicky Fleming or Mary.

From the Registers:


17th September Stuart Booker and Laura Hawkins
24th September Martyn Procter and Julie Cooke

Stephen Dugan and Lorraine Redman


25th September Anabelle Jayne Lloyd

Saturday Scene

Saturday Scene for young families meets on19th November in the Village Hall 4pm to 5.15pm

Contact Donald Page on 825693

Celebrating Harvest

The church was beautifully decorated—a huge thank you to the Flower Team for all their hard work. We had wonderful service it was good to welcome so many with splendid homemade cakes and drinks!

The gifts of fresh produce were given to Gloucester House and the groceries were given to Swindon Food Bank. Our plate collection is going to Tear Fund (find out more on the Tear Fund website) and we were pleased to send a donation of £200.

The School Harvest Service was excellent and it was such a joy to be able to share this with them in our church. It was the first time we used our new microphones and it made a huge difference.

When you are thinking about Christmas gifts don’t forget that South Marston Church Tea towels are still for sale £3.50 or 2 for £6, 4 for £10—contact Vicky Fleming .

Remembrance Sunday Service

10am 13th November 2011

You are cordially invited to join us in a Service of Remembrance at St. Mary Magdalene Church

We will remember them

Meeting Point

Coffee morning with table top sales

(All the tables have been already booked for this and next month— you may book for January —£2.50 if you live in the village, £15 if you live outside the Village—Telephone Vicky Fleming 827021)

We have lots of different stalls booked—there may be something just for you! Come and enjoy good company and refreshments.

Saturday 12th November from 9.30 –12 noon

In the Village Hall

South Marston Church Serving the Community

The 7:30 Club

for 10 to 16 year olds from Stratton, Stanton & South Marston

Held on alternate Sunday Evenings, 7.30pm to 8.45pm at St Margaret’s Centre

Please call the St. Margaret’s Church Office for more information

Church Services: (at South Marston Church unless otherwise stated)

6th November 11.00am Family Service
13th November 8.00am Holy Communion

10.00am Remembrance Service

20th November 10.00am Team Service St Margaret’s
27th November 8.00am Holy Communion

9.30am Holy Communion

4th December 11.00am Family Service
11th December 8.00am Holy Communion

9.30am Holy Communion

18th December 6.00pm Lessons and Carols
25th December 10.00am Family Communion

Church News – June 2011

High Five

The next High Five service for children up to 5 years will be on Friday 10th June at 10am.

‘Craft Company’

We are meeting again at Mary Cooper’s house (Dryden House) 2pm Wednesday 8th June. More details form Mary or Vicky Fleming.

Saturday Scene

Saturday Scene meets on 11th June in the Village Hall 4-5.15pm. An exciting church event for young families. Stories, songs, crafts, games and food. Contact Donald Page on 825693

The 7:30 club

The 7.30 Club for 10 to 16 year olds from Stratton, Stanton & South Marston.

On alternate Sunday Evenings – 7.30 – 8.45pm, St Margaret’s Centre. The 7.30 club, preparing young people for Confirmation

– if you are interested please contact Vicky Fleming for more information.

Church Funds

Many of you will remember Mrs Win Smith. She was very involved in village life and is remembered with great affection. Win loved this village and its church. Sadly Win died last year but she remembered her church to the last and has left £1,000 for Church funds. We wish to express our deep gratitude for this generous and thoughtful gift.

We are also grateful for other donations we have received for our guttering appeal—wouldn’t it be good to get this work done before the winter comes? Damp brings so many problems to old buildings and the more we can do to prevent it the better. Its is after all our heritage we are looking after. We can’t do it without your help.


Have you noticed how tidy the church grounds are now? A huge thank you to Colin and Jenny McEwen for cutting the Glebe grass and Richard Sansum and William Hiscocks for working hard in the churchyard. PLEASE help us to keep it tidy by disposing of nonbiodegradable things in the bin provided and compost the rest in the designated area. Thank you.

The F & E Harris Memorial Trust

Annual Outing

This years outing is on Friday 26th November to Gloucester Victorian themed Christmas Market. It is for senior citizens resident in South Marston. The coach will leave the school at 10.30 am. To reserve your place contact Mary Cooper on 823530.

Christmas Hampers

The F & E Harris Memorial Trust invites South Marston Village residents who have reached the age of 60 years for females and 65 years of age for males by the 25th December 2010 to register with the Trust to receive a Christmas Hamper if they do not currently receive one.

The closing date for registration for this year was 31st October 2010.

Contacts for registration: Mary Cooper 823530 or Terry Sansum 823684