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Village Development Workshop Summary Results

Results of the Village Development Workshop – 15th September 2010

Over 50 South Marston residents attended a workshop at the South Marston Hotel on 15th September with the aim of identifying some of the infrastructure and design features and facilities that they would like to see incorporated into the village development.  It is intended that these ideas will be submitted by the village for Swindon Borough Council to incorporate into the South Marston Supplementary Planning Document (SPD).

In some areas the views of the village were very clear but further discussion is required in others.  Issues on which the attendees had a clear preference included:

  • Mains sewerage for all new and existing properties
  • Eco-friendly design of all new buildings
  • Housing specifically designed for elderly people
  • Community shop, with Post Office delivery/collection service
  • Retention of current recreation ground and its expansion in the village central area
  • Daytime bus service through the village centre
  • Safe pathway/cycleway between village and Gablecross

Areas which required further consideration included:

  • School
  • Provision of housing as live/work units
  • Village Hall and medical facilities
  • Footpaths
  • Traffic management (noting that problems of speed and volume of traffic could not resolved by footpaths and crossing points alone)

There was concern that a ‘wish list’ of facilities may drive the design of the village and therefore it was important that the list was prioritised – many residents would prefer to sacrifice some facilities for fewer houses.

A discussion of ‘Piecemeal’ development (which may start out small but increase in size over a number of years in an uncontrolled manner) versus ‘Integrated’ development (where a final design is agreed at the outset, thus preventing additional development in the medium to long term) also took place.  Although there was a preference for ‘Integrated’ development, many people were still undecided and need further information before deciding.

The Parish Council are now considering the next steps, with the aim of developing the village’s input to Swindon Borough Council’s Supplementary Planning Document for South Marston.

Detailed results of the workshop are available from the Clerk to the Parish Council or the South Marston website (www.southmarston.org.uk).

Village Workshop Summary Results

Parish Council Update – Village Development Sept 2010

The change to government policy may mean that local authorities get more say in how much development takes place in their area, but it does not mean that the pressure to build more houses has gone away.

So far as South Marston is concerned, this probably results in us having more influence over what is built and removes us from the straight jacket of the Eastern Development Area numbers. Having said this, most of the land to the immediate South of the village is under option to developers, who have paid good money for first refusal to buy the land for development if planning permission is granted.

Therefore both they and the landowners are keen to make a profit by obtaining permission to build. It is still Swindon’s policy to expand and this area has already been earmarked. We cannot sit back and hope that nothing will happen. We would like to thank all those who came to the ‘Place Making’ meetings organised by NEW Master Planning in May.

The Parish Council are hosting another meeting in a similar format particularly designed to pick up on the work done in the first of those meetings, add to it and develop more concrete plans to carry forward to the Borough and developers.

Date: 15th September

Time: 7.15 for 7.30

Venue: South Marston Hotel.

All are welcome, and it would be helpful if you had considered the new material on the website here, or contact our Clerk on 01793 820529.

Parish Council News – July 2010

Parish Clerk Vacancy
There has been a good response to the advertisement for the Parish Council Clerk vacancy. A selection panel will be forming a shortlist of candidates on 1st July for interviews on the 9th July. The appointment of the new clerk will be made at the meeting of the Parish Council on 20th July.

Village Development
The workshop held by NEW Masterplanning on the 26th and 27th May was very well attended. On the first evening attendees were split into groups and ideas on which aspects of the village it was important to retain and where possible development could take place were discussed and assessed. Attendees were generally open minded in their approach to the exercise and there was a good exchange of views and ideas. The output from the first evening formed the basis for the second part of the workshop where NEW Masterplanning presented options for varying sizes of development that attempted to maintain the key characteristic of the current village identified the previous evening.

The Parish Council is now clarifying the Borough Council’s new strategy for development to the East of Swindon following the recent announcements of new government policies on major development and the abolition of the Regional Spatial Strategy Groups. In particular, clarification is required on the impact on the total number of dwellings the Borough requires, the timescale for development and the policy on the development of brownfield sites to reduce greenfield site development.

Village Expansion Workshop 26-27th May 2010 – Updated

Updated: with pdf of workshop notes

Dear Resident,

We anticipate that the development consortium will submit their detailed plans for the expansion of South Marston village this December.

The Parish council has worked to give villagers maximum say in the form and infrastructure of the expanded village. The eventual development will be governed by a Supplementary Planning Document that is currently being developed by Swindon Borough Council in consultation with the village. The Parish Council is employing planning consultants, NEW Masterplanning to assist us. Continue reading Village Expansion Workshop 26-27th May 2010 – Updated

Village Development update – March 2010

Village Transport Report
The Borough’s consultants, JMP Ltd, have produced a comprehensive report identifying the existing traffic related problems in the village and providing options for dealing with lack of footpaths at Pound Corner and Thornhill Rd and for dealing with traffic speed issues. The report does NOT deal with traffic issues that would come from an expanded village under the Eastern Development Area (EDA) as this would be dealt with when details of any expansion plans were known. It concentrates on improving pedestrian access & safety rather than improving traffic flow.
The report has to be presented to the Borough before it is made available to the public. Once this has been done it will be made available via the website.
It is planned to hold a meeting of the Village Development Working Party early in April to discuss the implications of the Transport Report and comments from the Parish Council’s consultants, NEWMasterplanning. A series of mini workshops, seeking the views of members of the various village organisations,
will take place in April & May and a full workshop, open to all residents will take place in late May.

NEW Masterplanning – Initial Workbook of Plans

South Marston Parish Council appointed NEW Masterplanning to assist in the preparation of a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) for South Marston.

Working with the South Marston community and Swindon Borough Council, the SPD aims to  establish an agreed strategy for the village that responds to the unique development pressures it is facing. Continue reading NEW Masterplanning – Initial Workbook of Plans