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Gardening Club – Dec 2011

Recent Events

On Monday 3rd October we were entertained by the amusing Eric Barnes who enlightened us on the history of Catsbrain Farm. With his 73 years at the farm he witnessed many changes, from the beginning with no gas, no electricity and no running water, to present day automation. Life it seems wasn’t always better in the good old days!

Future Events

Our next meeting will be on Monday 5th December at 7.30pm. A festive evening with a talk by Pamela Clement on “Christmas Yesterday”.

On Monday 9th January is our Annual Social Evening starting at the earlier time of 7.00pm. Please bring along a plate of food to accompany the drink and entertainment for the evening.

Gardening Club Update – July 2011

Cabbage and its cross section
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Recent Events

On Monday 16th May many of us were reminded of what life was like years ago with a talk by Pamela Clement on “Life from Victorian times onwards.” 

She commented on the reasons why our ancestors cabbages grew so well ( something to do with having no inside toilets) and how everyday products were used as “cure alls” inside the house and in the garden.

Future Events

On Monday 4th July we will hold our annual B.B.Q. at Catsbrain Farm for all our members ( the usual bring your own plate etc applies.) Entertainment will be by OK Reunited. Please remember the earlier start time of 7:00pm.

August brings the Annual Flower Show.

On Saturday 20th August is the Flower Show. Any members of the village or the gardening club can show their produce.

Whether you have a small or large garden everyone has something to show. Schedules will be available at the B.B.Q. or from Mike on 827807.

Gardening Club Update – May 2011

Recent Events

On 4th April we all had an opportunity to meet two beautiful barn owls with their owners. Roger gave us an insight into owls and other native birds of prey. Although most are on the decline there are still plenty to be seen if you are observant.

Future Events

On Monday 16th May at 7.30 pm Pamela Clement is coming along to give a talk entitled “Victorian Garden Tools”.

Please note we still have spaces on our Stourhead visit on Saturday 25th June. Anyone interested please contact Mike on 827807. Open to non-members.