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Church Letter – Dec 2009

Dear Friends,

A young girl in the late 1920’s writes about her experiences travelling through China with her missionary parents. She recalls as she writes about those trips– the crowded places where they stayed overnight. The village inns, full of people, coughing, sneezing, smoking, while babies cried and children complained. Often her family put their bedrolls on board covered trestles in a large room with everyone else. Continue reading Church Letter – Dec 2009

Church Message – October 2009

Dear Friends,

Who has forgotten something this last month, this last week, today? I know someone who to help them remember put things in strange places. To remember to take something out of the freezer next morning for dinner the next night they put a freezer bag in their shoe. Or they tied their socks together, turn a sleeve of a jacket inside out- the only trouble is remembering why you did it!

The Bible tells us in the Old Testament about Jacob was on a journey- he travelled from a place called Beer-Sheba, along a mountain range – he was exhausted from his rugged journey- for he slept with a stone for a pillow….During the night he had a dream of a ladder that reached from earth to heaven and in which confirmed his promise to be with Jacob and his people.

Next day he realised that this was a special place- yes he believed like many others that God could be anywhere but that some places were special. This was such a place so he built a mound of rocks to celebrate that it was a place where God had met him and he made a promise to God to keep it special or sacred and he would also give a tenth of his possessions in an offering to God. Jacob would remember that experience and it would be with him the rest of his life. The rocks would be a remembrance of that.

In October we celebrate our Harvest Festivals- and we come to remember the goodness of a creator God to us. We celebrate the fruit of the fields, what we can buy in our shops, for those who farm the land, process the food and so on . At Harvest time we come to build our own place of thanksgiving to God. To say thank you for all that we receive from God’s hands, to remember that it is not actually our world but we have it in trust from God and we are called to share its resources.

Rev Victor Howlett

Team Rector