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New Parish Clerk – Gemma Cheal

After a positive response to the advertisement of Clerk to the Parish Council, the appointment of Gemma Cheal was made at the Parish Council meeting on 20th July 2010. The Parish Council gave a fond farewell to Roger Powell who has served the Council for 6 years. Gemma is currently in the process of taking over the role from Roger.

The new Clerk can be contacted on 01793 820529.

The email address for the Clerk is being updated to: clerksmpc@southmarston.org.uk, but in the meantime can still be contacted on: clerksmpc@aol.com.

Swindon Advertiser – Council puts forward its own scheme

Charley Morgan of the Swindon Advertiser today wrote an article on the Parish Councils response to the Regional Spatial Strategy.

‘NOT in my back yard’ is the usual response from many a picturesque village when a planning application for a large housing development lands on its doorstep.

But a village near Swindon is taking its future into its own hands by offering up land in the centre of the village to be built on.

Rather than an blanket objection to any houses being built in its environs, South Marston Parish Council has been working out where it might be able to accommodate a few extra families. Continue reading Swindon Advertiser – Council puts forward its own scheme