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Roves Farm – The day after

Swindon Advertiser has now published a more detailed article including pictures regarding yesterdays fire at Rove’s Farm.

Roves Farm themselves have offered two further status updates via their Facebook page:

Following the fire on May 9th that has completely gutted our tearoom, toilets, reception barn and the seating/ pedal tractor room, we regret that we shall be unable to re-open for a few days!

Although these are early days, we very much hope to be able to open with ‘modest’ facilities within a month. All of our play areas (indoor and outside), the bale stack and animal pens remain unaffected so will be available, along with tractor rides, crafts and animal racing, as soon as we can organise reception, catering and toiletry facilities.

For those of you who are interested in knowing how the fire started, it began when the SSE fuses on the in-coming main overheated and set fire to the wood panel that they were mounted on. When we saw smoke coming from this area, we exstinguished the initial smouldering ourselves, using our own carbon dioxide extinguishers, and called SSE and the Fire Brigade. The Fire Brigade were here within minutes, but were unable to operate their water based systems until the electrical power could be turned off. Astonishingly, SSE took nearly 3 hours to arrive (having eventually sent a team from Melksham!) by which time the buildings had been destroyed.

They also have photos of the damage which has been done to the barns.

Major fire at Roves Farm – updated

Sheep and llama, Roves Farm, Sevenhampton Rove...
Roves Farm is a diversified, extensively farmed operation whose primary profit centre is leisure and recreation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A major fire started today at Roves Farm around lunchtime. 8 Fire engines were in attendance at the height of the fire.

The Advertiser reported the news here.

The news was confirmed on Roves Farms facebook page:

I’m sorry to report that Roves Farm has been devastated by a major fire. Everyone and all animals are safe!
We will be closed for the foreseeable future.
We will keep you informed!

Update at 21:30

After such a difficult day, it has been so wonderful to read all of your lovely messages and support, so a big thank you to our amazing visitors 🙂 

We will do our upmost best to keep you all informed with our developments. Although major damage has been sustained to the Reception Barn, Pedal Tractor/ Craft Barn, Tearooms and Toilets, you will be pleased to know that the Animal Barn (including the Bale Stack, Giant Slide & Bouncy Castles), along with the Outside Play Area and New Picnic Barn have remained undamaged. 

It is going to take time to sort everything out, but do not worry Roves Farm will be back open as soon as possible! 
Thank you for all of your support, 
The Burr Family 🙂

Conservation Site News – Sept 2011

Last Saturday’s September 10th) work day turned out to be an excellent afternoon despite weather warnings. We were able to concentrate on clearing the area for the open air teaching space. We also moved so much soil that we filled a large part of the ditch where a new fence will eventually go. We also welcomed some new hard working volunteers in the afternoon who helped clear so much of the new space. Welcome to Sue and Des and to Cristina’s two sons who worked tirelessly with shovels bigger than themselves. Our thanks to everyone.

The dates for the rest of 2011 are as follows. Saturdays, moving to 10am to 1pm when it gets to dark to work in the afternoon from 2pm to 5pm.

  • Saturday October 8th
  • Saturday November 5th
  • Saturday December 3rd.

To date we planted 95% of the new hedge row (with more to follow in 2012 via the Woodland Trust, we hope). We have placed the pond liner in the ground after much hard digging and are starting to landscape it. DONATIONS of flat natural stone are hoped for so that we can make the pond edges look more natural.

The central island bed has been cleared despite the current crop of natural plants growing in it! We have planted many of the donated plants in temporary beds beside the ditch.

Plans have been drawn to construct the two sets of bridge supports utilising money donated by the F and E Harris Memorial Trust. We are to have the oak seating via Wiltshire Wildlife Trust using money donated by the Nationwide BS.

Some of our future jobs will include the building of willow hides using willow donated by Rupert Burr of Roves Farm and landscaping the ditch to allow rain water to flow into the new pond as well as replacing natural plants alongside the ditch.

Verity is also organising wild-flower seeds for volunteers to grow over the coming months ready for Spring planting.



For additional information please call Barry on 826697

Thank you to everyone who has given support to us since the project started.

Advertiser – Greenlight for Solar Farms

Solar panels near Dukovany Nuclear Power Station.
Image via Wikipedia

Swindon Advertiser today ran an article regarding the planning application for two Solar Farms to be sited in South Marston and Sevenhampton.

TWO new solar farms will soon bolster the town’s green credentials after they were given planning permission by Swindon Council.

The two farms, at Roves Farm in Sevenhampton, and in South Marston, both measure 32 acres in size and will produce enough electricity for 4,000 dwellings.

“This scheme will mean Swindon leads the way with one of the largest solar fields of any town in the UK.”

George Paton who acts for the landowners

Roves Farm owner Rupert Burr said he was delighted to have secured planning permission for the project, which will see a five megawatt capacity solar farm built consisting of 17,000 solar panels.

He said: “We were reasonably optimistic about this outcome but we are very pleased because we have been working towards it for a long time. Everybody I have spoken to has been very supportive of the plans, in fact I haven’t met anybody who has said they disagree with it and I presume this was shown in the letters of support that were sent to the planning committee.”

The scheme, which will stretch across about 30 acres of land in two fields immediately to the west of the Roves Farm buildings, is the largest eligible for support under the new government incentive scheme known as the “Feed-In Tariff” announced last year.

Rupert, who has run Roves Farm since 1992, said the first phase of the project must be completed by August 1.

“Obviously there are some formalities to sort out before then,” he said. “But it is early days and the first phase has to be completed by August 1 to be eligible for the government scheme. The next stage is to try to market the electricity and find companies who are interested in it, I hope there will be an interest out there so we can start pushing it a little bit more.”

George Paton who acts for the landowners said: “This is a fantastic step for Swindon in meeting the challenges set by Climate Change. This scheme will mean Swindon leads the way with one of the largest solar fields of any town in the UK.”

The developers AEE Renewables plan to start work on the site in the next four weeks. Power generated will be fed into the national grid.

For more information call Roves Farm Visitor Centre during normal working hours on 01793 763939.