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SMAWL Conservation Project

 March Update.

The shuttering for the foundations for the two timber  bridges was completed and ready mixed concrete was ordered and volunteers worked well on Saturday 24th March. After the concreting was completed one team worked on the central bed to plant a selection of wild flower seeds which should produce flowers this year. Other members started to clear the ground adjacent to the road to allow planting to be continued at a later date. Photographs are attached showing the activities.

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Conservation Site News – Sept 2011

Last Saturday’s September 10th) work day turned out to be an excellent afternoon despite weather warnings. We were able to concentrate on clearing the area for the open air teaching space. We also moved so much soil that we filled a large part of the ditch where a new fence will eventually go. We also welcomed some new hard working volunteers in the afternoon who helped clear so much of the new space. Welcome to Sue and Des and to Cristina’s two sons who worked tirelessly with shovels bigger than themselves. Our thanks to everyone.

The dates for the rest of 2011 are as follows. Saturdays, moving to 10am to 1pm when it gets to dark to work in the afternoon from 2pm to 5pm.

  • Saturday October 8th
  • Saturday November 5th
  • Saturday December 3rd.

To date we planted 95% of the new hedge row (with more to follow in 2012 via the Woodland Trust, we hope). We have placed the pond liner in the ground after much hard digging and are starting to landscape it. DONATIONS of flat natural stone are hoped for so that we can make the pond edges look more natural.

The central island bed has been cleared despite the current crop of natural plants growing in it! We have planted many of the donated plants in temporary beds beside the ditch.

Plans have been drawn to construct the two sets of bridge supports utilising money donated by the F and E Harris Memorial Trust. We are to have the oak seating via Wiltshire Wildlife Trust using money donated by the Nationwide BS.

Some of our future jobs will include the building of willow hides using willow donated by Rupert Burr of Roves Farm and landscaping the ditch to allow rain water to flow into the new pond as well as replacing natural plants alongside the ditch.

Verity is also organising wild-flower seeds for volunteers to grow over the coming months ready for Spring planting.



For additional information please call Barry on 826697

Thank you to everyone who has given support to us since the project started.

Conservation Site News – May 2011

On 16th April we completed the majority of the hedgerow planting. There are a few metres still to plant once the ground is cleared of the snowberry growth and roots.

The path foundations and access to the two bridges has been laid and planning is in hand to mark the outdoor teaching and seating area. Many thanks to Hanson and Sansums for the donation and safe delivery of the aggregate .

The pond liner is also on site and we have almost completed the digging work for its new home in the bottom of the ditch. Some native plants have been donated and these have been temporarily planted pending clearance of the areas surrounding the new path.

We are now considering what to plant and looking into the cost for the two bridges. If any one who has native plants that they would like to donate, please call Brian on 826243 or Barry 826697.

The next working dates are Saturday May 21st and June 18th. Please come along and see what is going on, between 2pm and 5pm on both dates.

Conservation Site Update – April 2011

The sun shone on a few hearty volunteers on Saturday 19th March. We had two new volunteers for the morning (Karen and Julie). Many thanks to everyone who was able to turn out.

We were able to empty all the bags of stone to build the new path area that Ray has finished laying out. It’s looking really good now and will soon be walkable from the pavement. Continue reading Conservation Site Update – April 2011

Volunteer work day 5th March 2011

We made good progress on creating the pathway. Most of the main run of sub-base layer has been placed and just needs toping up before compacting. The remaining pathway areas that need to be completed are the top circle, bridge entrances and the main entrance. We were lucky with the weather and thanks to all who made the day a success. The other main activity was to dig out the hole for the pond, still work to be done here.  Here are some photographs taken on the day.

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The next working day is 19th March.


Conservation Site – Volunteer Working days 2011

The Conservation site on the Highworth road is now in its final stage of clearance. We still have some final jobs to do before we can start to lay the foundations for the pathway on the site. We will need help from our village volunteers to move a large amount of gravel from one ton bags onto the pathway as well as working on the removal of a large amount of tree branches and larger trunk logs for use on the site.

Work is also underway to prepare the planting layout for the site as well as preparing the locations for the two bridges, hides and out door teaching area. The SMAWL group is also putting together our applications for Grant funding to help us raise the additional funds we require to purchase the many items we need in order to complete this years planned work.

In order to establish a regular working routine for 2011 we have put together a list of Volunteer working dates for the year.

These will be on the 3rd Saturday of each month and commence at 10am and finish at 4pm. As usual there will be a morning break for refreshments and a break for lunch. Every one is welcome to join us for the day and a part of the day. A great way to get out doors with the family and help to build something that all the village residents will be able to enjoy.

Volunteer Saturday Working dates

  • February 19th
  • March 19th
  • April 16th
  • May 21st
  • June 18th
  • July 16th
  • August 20th
  • September 17th
  • October 15th
  • November 19th

If there are any questions about these days or if you would like to know more about our group please contact either Brian McGlone: 826243 or Barry Thunder: 826697.

SMAWL Volunteer work day – Updated with photos

There was  a good turn out of volunteers on Saturday 13th November. As well as the regular volunteers there were several new ones. It was a mixed group of adults and children which was good.  Many thanks to all who took part.

The tasks carried out were:

  • to clear roots from the excavated soil from the formation of the pathway route.
  • rotavation of some of the planting areas
  • removal of dead branches from trees
  • pollarding of hedge
  • removal of dead materials.

Here are some photographs of the work in progress.

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