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South Marston C of E School News – April 2011

We have once again been very busy this term!

The week beginning the 28 February was our book week and the children really enjoyed the religious storyteller as well as visits from parents and members of the local community who generously gave up their time to come and share their favourite books and love of reading with the children. A great big thank you to all those who took part! Continue reading South Marston C of E School News – April 2011

South Marston School News – March 2011

We have had a busy term here!

The hot school meals are as popular as ever and we had some more tasting sessions this term where the pupils and parents were very impressed by Caroline the cook’s yummy and nutritious dishes.

Class 4 have been busy continuing their maths link with Bishopstone Primary school. This term they had great fun problem solving together, measuring and working out dimensions in the outdoor environment in their village.

Class 3 have also been busy continuing their community link with Oaktree Primary school, where they had a fantastic day based around the topic of India. Miss Clarke organised a number of exciting activities for the day including clay pot making, dressing up and learning about tea planting. A number of parents from our village also really enjoyed taking part!

Next term we have even more exciting events going on. The week beginning the 28th February is our book week where we will be inviting a religious storyteller in as well as having a number of parents share their love of reading with the children.

There will also be a school disco for the children on April the 1st! Key stage times to be confirmed at a later date.

Village Green Application: School Size Planning Guidance

An application has been made to register the playing field as a Village Green, with the aim of not permitting any enclosure or development on it.

The village school sits in the corner of the field on a site of about 60meters square, which I calculate to be rather less than half a hectare. I have asked Martin Trewella, development planner at Swindon, to enquire of the likely requirements for the school if and when the proposed expansion of the village goes ahead. He replied as follows:. Continue reading Village Green Application: School Size Planning Guidance

South Marston Teachers Christmas Baby

Taken from Swindon Advertiser:

Marie Hendry, of Taw Hill, also had an early surprise as her son Lucas Beau arrived four days early at 4.18am Christmas morning.

The assistant head teacher at South Marston Primary School, 32, said she loved children and was happy to have one of her own.

“It’s a very extra special present,” Marie, who has been married to her husband Chris for five years, said.

“I feel great – he was four days early so it was bit of Christmas luck.”

Smelly Socks and Art give children a brush with nature – Community Newswire

Community Newswire ran this article, about the new conservation area at St Julian’s Close:

Children from South Marston C of E Primary School, near Swindon, enjoyed an art day with a difference on Wednesday.

The Creative Kids, Creepy Crawlies and Community Woodland day, run by Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, was part of a scheme to turn 1.55 hectares of woodland into a community space that will be managed for wildlife, with the local community invited to be involved in the site. Continue reading Smelly Socks and Art give children a brush with nature – Community Newswire

Swindon Advertiser – Mayor splashes cash

Swindon Advertiser provided the following article, regarding the fund-raising efforts of the villages school children.

SWINDON mayor David Wren presented a cheque for £5,000 to the Swindon branch of the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association at South Marston Primary School yesterday.

The money from the Mayor’s Charity Fund, raised with the help of several local schools, will buy a guide dog and pay for its training and upkeep for a year.

South Marston Primary School was allowed to name the new dog because the pupils raised the most money per head towards the project.

Coun Wren said: “It is fantastic they have raised that much money.

“I went around the classrooms when I first paid a visit a couple of months ago and their school work was focused around the association and what it meant to be blind.”

He added: “I chose to support Swindon Guide Dogs because, when I was a lot younger, I actually went blind in my left eye. It was a really worrying time for me. I have got my sight back now but I did appreciate then how worrying it is to lose your sight.”

Mayors in Swindon get to nominate several charities to raise money for during the civic year from May to May.

Coun Wren, who will step down at the end of this week, also chose community radio station Swindon 105.5, Thamesdown Hydrotherapy Pool and Swindon Carers.

He has so far generated just over £26,000 through donations from businesses and individuals, as well as events, such as concerts.

Five local schools raised about £300 towards the £5,000 target for Swindon Guide Dogs.

South Marston, which raised the most money for the number of pupils at about 85p per head, named the puppy ‘Marston’ after the school. Coun Wren presented the cheque to Alan Fletcher, chairman of the local branch, during a special assembly yesterday.

Coun Wren has pledged to have his hair and beard shaved off if Swindon residents can raise at least another £1,000 before the end of the week. The fundraiser – named Hair Today Gone Tomorrow – is planned to take place in the Brunel Centre on Thursday, June 3 at noon.

To sponsor him, send a cheque payable to Swindon Borough Council to:

Mayor’s Parlour, Civic Offices, Euclid Street, Swindon, SN1 2JH.

Cheques should be marked with the words ‘mayor’s haircut’.

The Swindon branch of the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association is seeking to recruit volunteers to provide basic training for puppies.

Volunteers look after and socialise guide dogs between the ages of about six weeks and 14 months.

As well as providing food and accommodation, duties include teaching basic obedience and introducing the animals to public environments, such as buses and schools.

No previous experience is needed and all costs are covered, however puppy walkers must be able to devote a lot of time to the animals.

For more information, call the charity’s national recruitment office on 0845 371 7771.

The original article is available here.

South Marston C of E Primary School Newsletter – Nov 2009

Charity for others

We had a very busy start to the new year at school and held a number of events for charities, both local and we had a great Harvest festival in October at the Church.

Thank you to all of the children who brought in food for the Swindon Food Bank.

We have also had a Jeans for Genes day this term and collected £106 for research into genetic disorders.

The School Council have also decided to support an appeal for Christmas shoeboxes full of presents for families in Romania. We are collecting items until 20th Oct and they will be distributed in Dec to the Romanian families by a charitable organisation.

We have recently had planning permission granted for an extension to the front of the school to include a kitchen and dining area. Work will hopefully be starting in November and it will be a 6 month project.

We would like to thank all that have been involved in the building project so far and I would particularly like to thanks the governors who give of their time so generously and I appreciate their support tremendously. Continue reading South Marston C of E Primary School Newsletter – Nov 2009