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Parish Council News – June 2012

The Parish Council held an AGM meeting on 15th May 2012. Mr Stuart Young was elected as Chairman. Sylvia Brown was elected as Vice Chair.

Parish Council Working Parties:

Strategic Planning, Property & Finance

  • Chairman – Stuart Young, Sylvia Brown,
  • Malcolm Phillips & Barry Thunder

Operational Planning

  • Ken Millard, Stuart Young & Barry Thunder


  • Barry Thunder

Emergency Planning

  • Ken Millard with SBC

Allotment Liaison

  • Barry Thunder

Village Expansion Working Party

  • Chairman – Malcolm Phillips.
  • At least three Parish Councillors and local residents.

Representatives on Outside Bodies

Highworth United Charities

  • To be arranged

Friendly Club

  • To be arranged

Swindon Area Committee

  • Sylvia Brown, Ken Millard and Colin McEwen

Tower & Tap/Website

  • Clerk – Gemma Cheal

Transport & Police

  • To be arranged

South Marston Recreation Association

  • Stuart Young and Jill Little

Swindon Community Planning Forum

  • Stuart Young and Colin McEwen

For a full update, please check the village website for Draft AGM minutes.

The Parish Council sadly said goodbye to Mr Neil Burchell and Mr Brian McGlone. The Parish Council wish to express their thanks to Mr Burchell and Mr McGlone for all their hard work and dedication to the Parish Council.

Village Expansion Community Dialogue Event

You are invited to attend a Village Expansion Community Dialogue event which is scheduled to be held at the Mercure Swindon South Marston Hotel on Tuesday 12th June. You are welcome to drop in any time between the hours of 4pm and 9pm for an update on progress to date. The Parish Council would very much like to receive your views, opinions and ideas.

If you have any specific questions that you would like the Parish Council to answer, please email the clerk on clerksmpc@aol.com.

Alternatively, please telephone the Clerk on 01793 820529.

Parish Council Meetings

Members of the public are welcome to attend Parish Council meetings which are held on the third Tuesday of the month, at 7.30pm in the Village Hall. There is an “Open 10 Minutes” section at the start of the meeting where you are invited to ask questions or discuss an agenda item. It would be helpful if you could inform the Chairman at the start of the meeting of any items that you wish to raise or discuss.

All agendas are published on the village website and on the village notice boards, prior to the meetings.

To keep informed of the latest Parish Council news, including minutes of Parish Council meetings, please visit http://www.southmarston.org.uk and visit the ‘Parish Council’ section.

Advertiser – Enormous reaction to town plan

Swindon Advertiser yesterday ran an article about the responses received to the new Core Strategy:

A MASTERPLAN for the expansion of Swindon has sparked an unprecedented reaction.

The number of individual responses to the council’s Core Strategy has been counted by the council — and amounts to about 1,400.

The figure is a new record and the council has said it will amend the strategy to take account of residents’ feelings.

But is has also been issued with a stark warning — listen to the people or else.

Among those who responded to the consultation was Steph Exell, membership secretary of the Oakhurst Residents’ Association. The 49-year-old former councillor, of Southwold Close, gasped when told of the full scale of the responses.

She had submitted a 22-page critique of Core Strategy’s plans for 1,700 homes at nearby Tadpole Farm.

“The Core Strategy is still not set in stone,” she said. “It hasn’t been approved by the council or the planning inspector, and I’m hoping Tadpole Farm will disappear. It’s not a sustainable site, and I hope the planning inspector will see that.

“I think what this shows is democracy is alive and kicking. We’re ready to fight. Bring it on. We’ll fight tooth and nail. They’re going to have, all over Swindon, so many communities who are angry and feel let down by the Conservative administration.

“They are going to find themselves in a bit of trouble at the ballot box if they are not listening to the community. They should be afraid for their votes.”

The Core Strategy is a blueprint for where Swindon’s new homes and infrastructure will be built between now and 2026.

In the east of the town, residents have been objecting to the Core Strategy’s plans for hundreds of homes around South Marston. Stuart Young, 52, of Manor Meadows, is part of a village working party on the issue.

“We’re particularly concerned about the impact of any development on flooding. We had major floods in the last few years.”

In a statement, the council said: “We are currently analysing the comments that have been made.

“We have received about 1,400 comments on the Core Strategy and we will be making changes to the strategy based on those comments. We will then go out for a further consultation on those changes towards the end of the year and the revised Core Strategy will then be submitted for independent examination early next year.”

It then added: “It would be fair to say it is the most responses we have received for a consultation of this scale.”

Parish Council News – June 2011

New Chairman

At the Parish Council AGM on 17th May, Mr Neil Burchell was elected as Chairman of South Marston Parish Council, with Mr Stuart Young remaining as Vice Chairman. The Parish Council thanked Mr Colin McEwen for all of his work and dedication as the previous Chairman for the last five years.

The following Working Parties and representatives on Outside Bodies were also elected:

Parish Council Working Parties

Strategic Planning, Property & Finance: Chairman – Neil Burchell. Sylvia Brown, Ken Millard, Malcolm Phillips and Barry Thunder

Operational Planning: Ken Millard, Brian McGlone, Stuart Young

Environment: Barry Thunder, Neil Burchell, Brian McGlone, Robbie Taylor

Emergency Planning: Ken Millard with SBC

Allotment Liaison: Barry Thunder

Village Expansion Working Party: Chairman – Neil Burchell. At least three Parish Councillors and local residents.

Representatives on Outside Bodies

Highworth United Charities: Brian McGlone

Friendly Club: Brian McGlone

Swindon Area Committee: Sylvia Brown, Ken Millard and Colin McEwen

Tower & Tap/Website: Clerk – Gemma Cheal

Transport & Police: Robbie Taylor

South Marston Recreation Association: Stuart Young

Swindon Community Planning Forum: Stuart Young and Colin McEwen

Allotment Update

The Clerk and the Parish Council Allotment Liaison have recently carried out an inspection of the allotments in South Marston. We are pleased to report that generally, the allotments are being maintained to a very good standard.

Advertiser – New windfarm rules upset Swindon residents

Wind turbines (Vendsyssel, Denmark)
Image via Wikipedia

Swindon Advertiser, yesterday met with members of Ill Wind to discuss some changes to Swindon Borough Councils Core Strategy. Below is the resulting article:

CAMPAIGNERS are fearful that liberal new rules threaten to open the door for building more wind turbines around Swindon.

The objectors claim obscure changes buried deep in Swindon Council’s Core Strategy would mean that tight planning rules about where turbines can go will be replaced with a soft-touch set of guidelines. Continue reading Advertiser – New windfarm rules upset Swindon residents

Parish Council Update – Dec 2009

New Parish Councillors

The co-option of Mrs Sheila Anderson-Witty, Mr Stuart Young and Mr Neil Burchell as Parish Councillors was ratified at the Council meeting on the 17th November.  The new Councillors fill the vacancies resulting from the resignations of Mr Des Jones, Mr David Marner and Mr Feal-Martinez and brings the Council back to its full complement of 9 councillors. Continue reading Parish Council Update – Dec 2009