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Village Green Application Update – April 2011

Objections to the Village Green application have been received by Swindon Borough Council and we now await the response. Having read the objections, I would like to allay the fears/concerns that some villagers have regarding usage of the recreation ground if Village Green status is granted: Continue reading Village Green Application Update – April 2011

Parish Council News – April 2011

Village Expansion

Swindon Council Road Show – 12th April

Swindon Borough Council have published the revised draft Core Strategy that will govern the expansion of the town to 2026 and beyond. It includes an amended Eastern Development area plan and specific outline plans for the expansion of South Marston. Responses are required by 24th May.

They will be holding a Road Show in the village hall between 5 and 9 pm on the 12th April. Some issues are proving more controversial than we expected.  Continue reading Parish Council News – April 2011

Parish Council News – March 2011

Application to Register the Playing Field as a Village Green

Approximately 30 villagers attended the meeting of the Parish Council on Tuesday 15th February to share views and ask the Parish Council questions during the open 10 minutes. Later in the evening, the Parish Council voted not to oppose the application to register the playing field as a village green.

Village Expansion

Over 30 people attended a meeting on 7th February that considered the preliminary draft of Swindon’s Core Strategy as it affects the village. Frustration was expressed that the promised Traffic Study and recommendations for the EDA being prepared by Swindon were not available. It was agreed to meet again once this was produced with the aim of preparing for a full village meeting.

Parish Council Community Funding

The Parish Council currently have limited funds available. Support may be given in certain circumstances for the village to seed community events and to help village groups to become established.

If you are interested, please make requests in writing to the Parish Council and send to the Clerk, Gemma Cheal at 75 Stratton Road, Lower Stratton, Swindon SN1 2PN or email clerksmpc@aol.com

For further information, please telephone the Clerk on: 01793 820529


Village Green Application: School Size Planning Guidance

An application has been made to register the playing field as a Village Green, with the aim of not permitting any enclosure or development on it.

The village school sits in the corner of the field on a site of about 60meters square, which I calculate to be rather less than half a hectare. I have asked Martin Trewella, development planner at Swindon, to enquire of the likely requirements for the school if and when the proposed expansion of the village goes ahead. He replied as follows:. Continue reading Village Green Application: School Size Planning Guidance

Village Green Application by Jill Little.

I am happy to report that my application to register the South Marston recreation field as a Village Green has been received by Swindon Borough Council.

As many of you know, the land was purchased by village residents for recreational use. I have submitted the application in order to try and preserve it so that villagers may enjoy the land for recreational purposes now and in years to come. As reported in the September 2010 Tower & Tap, attendees of the Village Development workshop had a clear preference for “retention of current recreational ground and its expansion in the village central area”. Village Greens are protected by 19th century legislation making it unlawful to interfere with the right of local inhabitants to indulge in sports and pastimes there.

The current recreational field meets the criteria for Village Green status in the aspect of being used for more than 20 years and is probably the only area in the village which could be preserved in this way. Preservation of the land will not incur a charge to village residents. The Open Spaces Society says “this will protect it from development for ever and preserve it for use by local people”.

Thanks to all those who have supported the application. Please feel free to call me on 820823 if you have any questions.

Jill Little, South Marston

For reasons outlined in a post from Colin McEwen, the Parish Councils view is that this application should be opposed. This planning application will be discussed at the next Parish Council meeting on 15th Feb.