National Government sets overall planning strategy. This includes a ‘presumption in favour of development’ that has to be taken into account by Planning Authorities like Swindon

Each Planning Authority is obliged to develop, consult on and adopt a Local Plan which includes planning policies. For us this is currently the Swindon Local Plan 2026. Policies relating to the New Eastern Villages expansion and South Marston are at NC3 and RA3. Click here to view the Local Plan.

How the Plan Policies are to be implemented is set out in Supplementary Planning Documents and Neighbourhood Plans. Our South Marston Neighbourhood Plan was passed in 2017 – click here to view it.

Around 2008 it became clear that major development east of Swindon was inevitable and in 2013 the HHT consortium, led by Hallam Land, applied for Planning Permission for 2,380 houses. Outline Permission was finally granted in August 2017 and the consent documents, including the Conditions placed on that consent are on the Swindon Planning Portal ref. S/OUT/13/1555. Click here to open the planning portal.

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