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June 2021

Councillor Vacancies

Councillor Vacancies 512 512 Clerk

Following the resignation of Councillor Young the Parish Council wishes to issue a formal Notice of Casual Vacancy which can be read by clicking the above link. This Notice has…

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Part of the proposed extension of South Marston Primary school

School Extension Planning Application

School Extension Planning Application 1920 1200 Clerk

The planning application for the school extension has now been made public on the Borough planning portal and can be accessed using the following details: Application reference: S/21/1032 The…

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Parish Council Annual Accounts

Parish Council Annual Accounts 1200 1200 Clerk

Each year, South Marston Parish Council undergoes both an internal and external audit to ensure that it is effectively managing its finances and that its internal processes are working. Members…

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Parish Council Meeting – June 2021

Parish Council Meeting – June 2021 969 789 Clerk

The next meeting of the Parish Council will take place on Tuesday 15th June at 7:30pm in the Village Hall. Please see the Council Meeting Documents page where you can…

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