Help needed: Grass mowing

The South Marston Recreation Association (SMRA) is calling for volunteers to go on the grass cutting rota.

There are a few people already on the rota, so depending on how many volunteers come forward, you will only need to cut the field two or three times a year.

Training will be given to use the sit on mower and it takes approximately 2 1/2 hours to cut the field.

Ideally, the grass to be cut on a Thursday evening (as the field is marked out on a Friday for weekend football.
The football season is August to May.  Outside of these months, Thursdays isn’t so crucial.
The field requires cutting normally once a week but twice a week between June and July.

For more information, please contact Jenny McEwen Mobile 07770633362.

Road Closure: Old Vicarage Lane

Old Vicarage Lane will be closed at the railway bridge from Monday 8th August to Friday 9th December 2016 to allow for repairs to the bridge. This means that residents will not be able to access the A420 via this road.

Diversion signs will be in place and will direct traffic via the Keypoint entrance to the village.

Please note that the businesses located on Old Vicarage Lane remain open as usual. Some of businesses use HGV’s which will have to use Thornhill Road and Highworth Road for access. Therefore reports of HGVs in the village must be confined only to those seen to be passing through Pound Corner without using Old Vicarage Lane.

South Marston Community News

If you have any news or images that you would like to submit for an edition of South Marston Community News, these can be send to by the deadline dates below.

Please that we cannot promise to include all submissions.

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