Working Groups

Communications Working Group

Parish councillors together with members of the community, whom meet regularly to monitor content, income and expenditure for our community communications. This includes our bi-monthly magazine Community News and the Welcome Pack provided to new residents in the village.

CWG members; Sylvia Brown (Chair) – Councillor, Barry Thunder – Councillor, Tony Leathart – Councillor, Sharon Robinson – Officer, Pam Jackson – Resident.

Open Spaces Working Group

South Marston volunteers who look after most of our green spaces, currently St Julian’s Wood, Oxleaze Wood, the Village Garden and War Memorial, Orchard Meadow, and Oak Tree Corner.

If you can spare an hour or two throughout the year, new volunteers are always welcome and there are tasks to suit any age and ability (although children must be accompanied by an adult). You’ll enjoy making new friends in the fresh air, looking after the local environment, and helping to keep our village a nice place. For further information, please call Chris on 829868 or email

OSWG members; Chris Brooks – Resident (Chair), Anne Featherstone – Resident (Vice Chair), Barry Thunder – Councillor, Andy Carter – Councillor, Lionel Cave-Ayland – Resident (SBC footpath liaison).

Allotments Working Group

To manage day to day maintenance and administration of allotments off Highworth Road, working with owners and partners as necessary.

Allotment group members; Barry Thunder – Councillor, Kevin Morgan – Clerk, Mandy Larcombe – bookkeeper as required for allotment management purposes.

Planning Working Group

Review delegated applications and make recommendations to the Full Council, with consideration of development of the village as a whole.

Group members; Barry Thunder – Councillor, Ken Millard – Councillor.

Strategic Planning Working Group

Maintain an overview of the development planning framework and large-scale planning applications within or affecting the Parish to allow the Parish Council a strategic understanding of development as a whole. Recommend appropriate responses, policies and courses of action to the Parish Council in respect of the above. Engage with developers and the planning authorities to influence the drafting of planning policy documents and the terms on which development applications are granted and implemented in line with Parish Council objectives.

Planning Group – Council only membership. Councillors appointed via nomination from the Parish Council with a minimum of 3 members, maximum of 5. Group members; Colin McEwen, Sylvia Brown, Tony Leathart,  Barry Thunder.

Finance Working Group

Review and manage the Council’s financial affairs in accordance with legislative requirements, regulations and guidelines.

Finance group members; Sylvia Brown (Chair) – Councillor, Barry Thunder – Councillor, Andy Carter – Councillor, Kevin Morgan – Clerk. As the Parish Council chairman, Colin McEwen is an ex-officio member.

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