Parish Council Meeting Arrangements

Parish Council Meeting Arrangements 1200 1200 Clerk

Due to the ongoing COVID situation the Parish Council will not be meeting as normal this month.

There will be an informal Zoom meeting on Monday 17th January where councillors will discuss ongoing issues but decisions cannot be made – some members of the public will be invited but numbers need to be limited because of broadband capacities.

Any matters that residents wish to raise with the Council should be forwarded to the clerk in advance on

In addition, because some urgent decisions need to be made, there will be a much reduced proper meeting of the council on Tuesday 18th January at the Village Hall. The agenda for this meeting will be publicised as usual but will only include the proposed co-option of a new councillor and associated processes, and the approval of the precept for 2022-23.

Members of the public may attend but there will be no time allowed for public input and the meeting will be very short.

Kevin Morgan

Clerk to the Council

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