Parish Elections – Further Information

Parish Elections – Further Information 200 200 Clerk

South Marston Parish Council has ‘all out’ elections this year which means that all current councillors need to be renominated if they wish to sit on the council and other residents can also be nominated. The council has nine councillor seats.

If nine or less people are nominated then the process will be uncontested and those nominated will automatically become councillors. If more than nine apply then an election will take place.

What are Parish Councillors?

Parish Councillors hold a public office and act on behalf of the community. While they willingly give up their time, they are not volunteers as such and have legislative responsibilities.

Much of the councillors’ time and effort is spent ‘behind the scenes’ – recently South Marston councillors have been dealing with matters including traffic and highways problems, reviewing and changing the plans for the major school expansion, and the future of the former Honda site and the allotments. With the major housing development north of the A420 about to commence there is plenty to be occupied with.

Interested in being a councillor?

Becoming a councillor is an ideal opportunity for members of the community to make a real and significant difference to the future of the village as it goes through major changes.

Perhaps you have…

  • a project that you think the village could benefit from?
  • a concern that you would like to work with the Parish Council on?
  • spare time and want to play a role in the future of our village?
  • skills or knowledge that you think might help the community?

If you are interested in being a councillor, the nomination period will run from Monday 28th March to 5th April. There are some eligibility requirements (click here) and more information can be obtained through the Clerk at – or you can talk to a current councillor. The formal nomination papers can be found here – these need to be completed and submitted to the Borough offices by hand by 4pm on Tuesday 5th April.

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