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Help! My Cooking Apple Tree has a pest that comes back every year.

If you know anything about fruit trees then I would really appreciate your help to solve my pest problem:

Every year for the last 4 years, my Cooking Apple Tree has been afflicted with the same pest. Sometimes we get one or two apples growing but they don’t get to a good size and drop off before they are ready.

The Conference Pear Tree on the same wall is thriving and we are expecting a huge crop against next year.

Both our trees are espalier and cut back at the end of each season. We have also tried leaving out apple until the spring before cutting back, but it made no difference.

Any help or insight would be gratefully received.

Gardening Club Update – May 2011

Recent Events

On 4th April we all had an opportunity to meet two beautiful barn owls with their owners. Roger gave us an insight into owls and other native birds of prey. Although most are on the decline there are still plenty to be seen if you are observant.

Future Events

On Monday 16th May at 7.30 pm Pamela Clement is coming along to give a talk entitled “Victorian Garden Tools”.

Please note we still have spaces on our Stourhead visit on Saturday 25th June. Anyone interested please contact Mike on 827807. Open to non-members.

Gardening Club News – Sept 2010

B.B.Q – on Monday 5th July Eric Barnes very kindly allowed us to use his facilities at Catsbrain Farm for our annual B.B.Q. Everyone enjoyed the entertainment by Jean and Barry Kitgariff along with the excellent food and good company.

On Saturday 16th August we held our Flower Show. Despite the weather (gardeners always complain) there were plenty of exhibits for all to admire.

Here are the results:-

Challenge Cup for vegetables – Ashley New
Bill Smith Trophy for dahlias – Sheila Lavender
Geoff Sansum Trophy for a standard fuchsia – Richard Sansum
Flower Arrangers Cup – Rita Smith and Sheila Lavender
Cookery Trophy – Rosemary New
Photography Cup – Gill King
Childrens Cup – Lulu Case
Hanging Basket Cup – Josie Manners

Future Events

Our next meeting will be on Monday 6th September at 7.30pm. We will be having a talk by Bob Browning on “Celebration of Wood.”

Gardening Club Update – July 2010

Recent Events
On Monday 7th June we were given an informative talk by Kate Robinson from the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust on ‘Composting and Conservation.’ It was interesting to find out what you can and cannot compost easily and tips on controlling vermin.

Future Events
On Monday 5th July we will hold our annual B.B.Q. at Catsbrain Farm for all our members (the usual bring your own plate etc. applies). Please remember the earlier start time 7:00pm.

Saturday 14th August is the Flower Show. Any member of the village or the gardening club can show their produce. Last year was the highest amount of entries for years. Let’s try and beat that again.
Schedules will be available at the B.B.Q. or from Mike on 827807.